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    Throughout my brief trip to Germany, I found myself saying "we would do things this way" or "in the United States we..." I came to realize that the things that were different were amazing" - Kristyna Kuen, International Studies, 2009

    For me, this means the opportunity to travel to places far off the beaten path, to see the country and the people for what they really are, and to help them receive access to safe and reliable financial services, something that we take for granted in the U.S." - Josh Festing, International Studies, Senior

    During May and June 2008, students and faculty travelled for three weeks to several sites in China where students will learn first–hand about China and Its role in the world. The coursestarted with 'survival Chinese' training. In Beijing, Xi'an, Kunming and Guilin, studentslearned about Chinese politics, economics, social issues and culture.Tourssupplemented with lectures by experts and discussions with Chinese students made this course memorable.

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