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    Marilyn Durham
    Department Chair
    Phone: (262) 472-5050
    Location: Laurentide 3207

    Peter Hoff
    Foreign Language Coordinator
    Phone: (262) 472-1591
    Location: Laurentide 3110

    Mary Orval
    Academic Dept Assoc
    Phone: (262) 472-1036
    Location: Laurentide 3209

    Welcome to the Department of Languages & Literatures!

    Reading and writing skills, along with the knowledge and appreciation of literature in cultural context, are central to the mission of the Department of Languages and Literatures. Majors in English can choose from concentrations in Literature, Creative Writing, Professional Writing, or Education. The Department also offers majors and minors in French, German, and Spanish, along with courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic. Students have many opportunities to gain practical experience through on-campus publications, undergraduate research projects, and off-campus internships. English students can fine-tune their writing, editing, and publishing skills working for public and private organizations. Foreign language majors can participate in language/cultural immersion experiences both at home and abroad. Our department offers annual study abroad options in France and other countries, along with service learning opportunities in many Spanish courses.

    Film Studies minor

    New Film Studies minor

    • Are you considering a career in which you'll work with moving images or digital media?
    • Do you love the movies?
    • Would you benefit from a deeper understanding of visual language and visual narratives in your chosen field?
    • If so, check out the Film Studies website for more information.
    writing matters

    Writing Matters Rubric

    Created by faculty from all four colleges, the Writing Matters Rubric articulates the core writing competencies we aim to foster in all UW-W students while establishing standards for developing competent and accomplished student writing across the disciplines.

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