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AV Checkout

Faculty and staff may check out equipment from L&S Media, such as laptops and video projectors.  Those interested should contact us at

Faculty interested in obtaining a repurposed computer for academic use or using their current computer for a different purpose need to fill out this Used Computer Repurposing Form.

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D2L Support

D2L (Desire to Learn) is the course management system used for all UW-Whitewater courses, including regular classes, online classes, and hybrid classes.

We are available to assist faculty create, update and manage D2L courses.  We can show you how to set up your courses, upload content, create assignments, quizzes, and tests, and utilize the extra features such as the discussion board.

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Technology Support

Technology can be the perfect ally or a bitter enemy.  Need help?  We're here for you!  If you need computer support, upgrades, or new technology, we can help with that.  Having issues with services like email, password, or printing?  We can assist you with that!  Our Tech Liaison from the Helpdesk is here to help with everything from printer issues to setting up and re imaging computers so that they are up-to-date and use the latest technology we have available.

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Video Editing and Recording

L&S Media will support face to face and online courses through creation of instructional video, closed captioning of video (as an approved accommodation for students with disabilities), and streaming of instructional video for online classes.

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Web Development

L&S Media is available for making updates and changes to department, advising and audience pages on the College of Letters and Sciences site, as well as creating new pages for programs or instructional initiatives.

We also offer the ability to sit down and walk through various applications like Blogs and My Profile to assist you with making your own changes and updates. Our goal is to help empower faculty and staff and allow them to make their own changes and updates easily, effectively, and conveniently.  For new web projects, faculty and staff are required to fill out this Web Development Form [PDF].

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