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    3-2 Program

    3-2 program with UW-Madison or with UW-Milwaukee:

    Receive two B.S. degrees in five years

    The Physics with Engineering Emphasis program allows students to participate in a 3-2 program with UW-Madison or with UW-Milwaukee to receive two B.S. degrees in five years.

    Institutional Agreements

    The Institutional agreement between UW-Whitewater and UW-Madison describes the Madison program in more detail.

    The Institutional agreement between UW-Whitewater and UW-Milwaukee describes the Milwaukee program in more detail.

    Transferring to an Engineering School

    UW-Whitewater students can take courses in general education, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and engineering that will transfer into an engineering program at another school. Wisconsin schools of engineering which accept UW-Whitewater credits include:

    Other engineering schools may also accept some or all credits earned at UW-Whitewater. In addition, UW - Whitewater has a joint pre-engineering program with UW - Platteville. Students who apply for this program have dual enrollment at UW-Whitewater and UW-Platteville. Application would normally occur within the first year of enrollment at UW-Whitewater. This is a different program than the 3-2 agreement with UW-Milwaukee or Madison and an engineering degree only is earned at UW-Platteville under this arrangement.

    3 Year Plan

    This sample 3-year plan represents a possible plan of courses for a physics major who wants to pursue an engineering career using the 3-2 program with either institution. This should fulfill the requirements needed to transfer (for the 3-2 program) as well as the GenEd requirements for UW-Whitewater, however the above agreements determine the exact course requirements. 

    The following links contain sample 2 year plans at UW-Milwaukee for five different engineering areas. 


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