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Race and Ethnic Studies

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Crista Lebens
Professor & Program Coordinator
Phone: (262) 472-5269
Location: Laurentide 4229

Career Exploration

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Career development is a lifelong process of self-discovery, career exploration, gaining meaningful experiences, intentional reflection, and career decision-making and planning.

In an ever-changing nation and international community of people, the skills gained through the race and ethnic studies and the gender and ethnic studies minors will be extremely valuable to the student's private and professional life. The minor will not only help students better understand people from the diverse backgrounds with whom they will live, work and serve, but will also provide excellent skills for graduates in a number of fields, including communication, criminal justice, political science, natural sciences, psychology, sociology, social work, and teaching, among others.  In the modern, highly diverse labor force, employers in the private and public sectors will find these minors particularly attractive. We also offer a Diversity Leadership Certificate that allows students to put together an e-portfolio of their work with diversity issues, an excellent artifact to showcase your work with diversity during an interview.