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Race and Ethnic Studies

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Nengher N. Vang
Associate Professor & Program Coordinator
Phone: (262) 472-1113
Location: Laurentide 5217 

Mary Alkons
Academic Department Associate  
Phone: (262) 472-1042
Location: Laurentide 4233

Meet Our Students


Kaylee Gramly

Kaylee Gramly

Major: Sociology

Minors: Race and Ethnic Studies; Data Science

Kaylee Gramly is a Senior at UW-Whitewater from Aurora, Illinois. She is pursuing a BS in Sociology with minors in Race & Ethnic Studies and Data Science and also a Diversity Leadership Certificate. The Race and Ethnic Studies minor caught Kaylee’s attention because she believes it to be a great source of supplemental information to her major. Outside of the classroom, Kaylee has served on the Executive Board for the Honors Student Association, while also being heavily involved in the Undergraduate Research Program. Through her studies of Sociology and Race and Ethnic Studies, Kaylee has found a passion for qualitative research. Her current research project is titled, Misperceptions of Racial and Ethnic Student Organizations on a Predominately White Campus. After graduation, Kaylee hopes to attend graduate school in pursuit of a PHD in Sociology.

Lexi Caruso

Major: Liberal Studies

Minor: Race and Ethnic Studies

Lexi Caruso is currently in her last year pursuing a Liberal Studies degree in the Bachelor of the Arts with a minor in Race and Ethnic Studies. Lexi transferred to UW-Whitewater her sophomore year of college from a private-affiliated school right outside of Milwaukee. She was able to find more connections at Whitewater in organizations such as S.A.G.E., the University Garden, and the diverse events held on campus that focus on integration and inclusiveness. Lexi gets her motivation from outdoor activities such as longboarding, walking her dog, admiring plants, and anything involved with the sun on her skin. Her dreams lie somewhere between the advocacy of mental health, acceptance of all people, an awareness of climate change, and the celebration of all human beings. She also loves quoting Spongebob Squarepants and jamming out to Frank Ocean while preaching that love is all we need.