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Race and Ethnic Studies

Race & Ethnic Studies Program

Contact Information

Pilar Melero
Associate Professor & Program Coordinator
Phone: (262) 472-3173
Location: Laurentide 4229

Mary Alkons
Academic Department Associate  
Phone: (262) 472-1042
Location: Laurentide 4233

American Indian Studies

A new minor, available in August 2017

Nearly every inch of what is now the United States was land that Indian people called home. Hundreds of different tribal and cultural groups lived and flourished here, before the arrival of Newcomers since the 16th century. Today, American Indians make up about 1% of the American population. Though small in numbers, their presence in the United States as sovereign entities-nations-help us understand and define the historic and contemporary condition of American democracy. Courses in this minor reveal the rich and diverse cultural, political, economic, and social experience of American Indians, then and now. Much emphasis is place on understanding the active agency of Native people as they struggle to survive and thrive as Native people in today's America.

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