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Declare a Letters and Sciences Major, Minor or Certificate

  • Use the Undergraduate Degree/Major/Minor Change Form to declare or change a major, minor, or certificate. For major changes, submit the form to the department office of the new major. If you are keeping the same major, submit the form to the department office of your current major to make changes to minors and certificates. While campus operations are closed due to COVID-19, forms may be emailed to If you are unable to email the form, send an email with all necessary information regarding your change to from your UW-Whitewater student email account.
  • To declare a dual degree, select the form for the college of the second degree here and follow the instructions on the form.

Request for Overload of Credits

Bachelor of Arts Requirements

  • Request for personalization: 300/400 level coursework
    6 units of upper division course work (300/400 level) from the arts, humanities or social science fields of study. These courses may not be from the department of the student's major or minor. They may not be used in a student's University Requirements. All 6 units may be from the same subject.
  • World language waiver based on high school courses
    Students who graduated from high school before 2012 may waive the BA language requirement with 2 years of the same world language in high school.

Retroactive Credits in World Language

  • Request For Retroactive Credits in World Language Form
    To apply for retroactive credits, students must earn a grade of B or better in their first college level language course (numbered 142 or above, or Japanese 102 or above). They are then eligible to apply for retroactive credits for the courses below the course completed. 

Registrar Office Forms

Use the link above to access these forms:

  • Third or More Attempt of a Course Appeal
  • Time Conflict Form
  • Late Add Form
  • Late Drop From
  • WINS Late Class Adjustment Form  (section or unit change for the same course)

Withdrawal Process

  • The withdrawal process is to be followed if you are dropping ALL courses in a term.

Graduation and Commencement Services


Academic Standards Appeal Forms

  • Academic Standards Appeal
  • Exceeding 15 Units (overload for students on probation)
  • Academic Forgiveness