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Declaring a Minor

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Admission Requirements

While any UW-Whitewater student may declare a music minor, the Music Department must be assured that a student is prepared to succeed in the program. Basic qualifications for success in the degree minor program include:

  • An ability to read music. Students who do not begin the program able to read music fluently are simply not equipped to succeed in the required music theory, aural skills, piano, and music history coursework. Students who have learned to play or sing solely "by ear" or using guitar tablature are also not prepared to make a contribution to UW-Whitewater ensembles. 
  • A basic level of competence on an instrument or voice. Performing in UW-Whitewater ensembles is an expected part of the minor program, and students must be prepared to make an appropriate musical contribution, instrumentally or vocally. 

To assure that students have these basic qualifications, all music minors who enter the program are expected to pass an audition.
Here is the process:

  • Fill out an online Music Minor Audition Application.
  • We will forward the audition application to the appropriate faculty member. That faculty member will contact you to set up an audition time/date. This is often the first Friday of classes each semester, but can also be set up at other times.

Current Music Minor audition contacts are:

Woodwinds - Dr. Matthew Sintchak -
Brass - Dr. Michael Dugan -
Strings - Dr. Benjamin Whitcomb
Percussion - Mr. Tobie Wilkinson -
Vocal - Dr. Rachel Wood -
Piano - Dr. Myung Hee Chung -

The faculty member will forward audition results to the Music Office for processing.

Note: minors will not receive practice room access until after the audition is successfully passed. If a student who has declared a music minor fails to audition in a timely manner, the Department Chair has the option of removing the minor from the student's records.

Degree Requirements and Advising
Music Minors are not required to receive formal advising from the Music Department. However, you should be aware of the Minor Requirements. Students may wish to meet with Prof. Sharri VanAlstine, Department Advisor, at some point just to make sure you are on track.

Not all required Music classes are offered every semester, and the two required Theory classes are prerequisites for the Music History class. Therefore, students who wait until their junior year to begin required coursework may run into problems. We recommend that a student start the required coursework (Theory I and Class Piano I) in the fall of their Sophomore year. Minors are welcome and encouraged to begin doing their electives (such as participating in ensembles) as Freshmen.

Practice Rooms
Once a student has successfully passed an audition, they will be given access to the music practice rooms using their student ID card. (Note: all UW-Whitewater students have access to these practice rooms through the Arts Media Center, Center of the Arts, Room 16.) The practice rooms are located in the basement of the Center of the Arts, Rooms 20-25. If you have any problems with access, please contact Kat Bastien, Music Office, at 262-472-1310 or email: And once you get in, go practice!

Free Admission to Music Department Events
Music Minors can get free tickets for all Music Department ticketed events: Faculty/Guest Artist recitals, the Music Mosaics Chamber Music Series, and concerts by the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Whitewater Symphony Orchestra, and Chamber Singers. Once a student has successfully passed an audition, they will be able to take their ID to the ticket office to obtain tickets.

Private Lessons
You must seek permission of both the studio instructor and the Department Chair to take private lessons (MUSC 120, 121 or 122). Be aware that lessons come with an additional fee ($150), and that lessons may not be available to all minors. If you are able to take private lessons, be sure to contact your teacher as soon as possible when you get to campus. They will need to know your schedule so they can begin to schedule lessons. The easiest thing is to log into WINS, print up a copy of the schedule grid, and give this to your teacher: either put it in the envelope on their door if they have one, or drop it off in their mailbox in the office

Special Note to Transfer Students Completing a Music Minor
We occasionally see transfer students who have completed most or even all of our requirements for the minor. Be aware, however, that in addition to completing the academic requirements for the minor, you must complete at least one fourth of the minor (6 credits) here at UW-Whitewater. If you have issues relating to transfer credits, see Prof. Sharri VanAlstine.

Revised July, 2019

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