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About the Artist

Chicago artist Jordan Mozer founded Jordan Mozer and Associates, Limited (JMA) studio in 1984, strategically located downwind from the largest chocolate factory in North America.

In the decades since, Jordan has built an international reputation for consistently original, successful, and newsworthy designs, artwork, and ideas. These have been included in books, magazines, newspapers, internet articles and blogs, museum and gallery exhibitions, auctions, and both public and private collections worldwide.

Jordan’s approach to design has also won him acclaim from the design community. Chicago architect Stanley Tigerman called Mozer “a Renaissance man.” Justin Henderson of Interiors New York, “a visionary, idiosyncratic and utterly original poet, artist, and a maker of magic.”

Informing that magic, Mozer has always drawn inspiration from many sources. He studied writing at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, explored sculpture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and received two degrees from the University of Illinois in Chicago, the first in Industrial Design and a second in Architecture.
Jordan has taught at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the University of Illinois Chicago and the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and lectures extensively throughout the United States and Europe.

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The Project

"Love in the Chroma Zone"

For over 20 years Jordan Mozer has explored the complexities of human relationships through paintings, drawings and sculptures that give form to genetics, gender, love, and identity.  

“Love in the Chroma Zone” can be traced to a series of sketches commissioned by Mick Jagger for a series of Rock opera sets and props Jordan imagined for the Rolling Stones. Some of these elements were transformed in subsequent projects, including “Herzblut” and “East” in Hamburg, Germany and at a hotel in Times Square in New York for Bill Marriott.  

In the latest iterations, the "Love in the Chroma Zone" incorporates meditations on genetics and the accelerating transformation of ideas about the gender spectrum and sexual expression. The project will engage UWW students in assisting Jordan to realize a variety of two- and three-dimensional artworks and creating a narrative environment at Crossman Gallery in Whitewater.  

About Jordan Mozer + Associates, Ltd.

JMA is responsible for richly imagined public art works throughout North America, Asia and Europe. These include immersive, walk-in sculptures which sometimes take the form of hotels, entertainment venues, restaurants and outdoor spaces.

To infuse projects with narrative consistency, idiosyncrasy and personality JMA creates all of the design components in Chicago, employing socially and environmentally sustainable materials and methods.

JMA’s studio houses an interdisciplinary team of architects, artists, industrial designers, project managers and storytellers collaborating on projects throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

The three principals of Jordan Mozer and Associates, Limited have worked together for 30 years.

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