College of Arts and Communication

College of Arts and Communication Student Grade Appeal, Complaint, and Grievance Policies and Procedures    

At the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater there are specific procedures to follow in regard to grade appeals, complaints, and grievances, and these are defined by university policies. Students contacting the Office of the Dean before reviewing these policies and following these procedures will be directed to this statement and to the UW-Whitewater policies and procedures listed below. 

The Dean will not respond to student grade appeals, complaints, or grievances that do not adhere to and follow these policies:    

If a student decides to pursue concerns related to grading or the conduct of any staff or faculty member in the college, such concerns must be submitted in accordance with these policies.  In general, the college advises students to first speak with the individual with whom they have the concern to resolve such matters.  If they are unable to obtain a satisfactory response, they may then present their concerns in writing and they will be addressed in accordance with the procedures outlined and established in these policies.