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Event FAQ's

Where are the Barnett and Hicklin Studio Theatres located?

Both spaces are located in the Greenhill Center of the Arts located on the UW-Whitewater campus.

Greenhill Center of the Arts
950 W. Main Street
Whitewater, WI 53190

What is the typical ticket price for a production?

Ticket prices are different for the musical and children's show.

General Public $16.50
65+ $14.50
Under 18 $11.00
UW-W Students w/ ID $6.00

Is there a special rate for the children's theatre?

Yes. General public is priced at $10.50, under 18 are priced at $8.50, and UW-W Whitewater students (w/ ID) are $6.00.

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Is there a subscription or season ticket program?

Not for the 20/21 season, but under normal circumstances there are subscriptions available.

Is there a discount for season ticket holders?

Season ticket holders should expect to save quite a bit of money, if they are anticipating attending all of the events scheduled for this season.

Prices are as follows and include all fees:

General Admission $54.00
65+ $44.00
Under 18 $34.00
UW-W Student w/ ID $23.00

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When do tickets go on sale?

The sale dates of shows can vary from year to year, however, the academic season is typically available by August, while Summeround is usually offered by May.

Do you have a return policy or a rain-check alternative?

There are no refunds or exchanges on previously purchased tickets.

How can I purchase tickets?

Please purchase your tickets by phone at 262-472-2222, online at or in person at the Greenhill Center of the Arts Atrium box office.

Where is the box office located?

The box office is in the atrium of the Greenhill Center of the Arts Building at 950 W. Main Street Whitewater, WI 53190

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What are the hours of business for the box office?

Greenhill Center Box Office, located in the atrium.
Monday-Thursday: 10:30 am - 3:00 pm
Friday: 10:30 am - 2:00 pm

Are tickets reserved for specific seating?

Barnett Theatre events are reserved with specific seating, so it is important to book your event in advance in order to get the best choice of seats. Hicklin Studio Theatre events are general admission, so arrive early for the best seating.

Can I purchase tickets the day of the show?

For the 20/21 season, ticket sales end the day prior to the production. This allows us time to distribute the emails that provide the digital production link. Under normal circumstances, if there are still tickets available to purchase on the day of the event, you may purchase them in person at the box office. Some shows sell very quickly and do not always have tickets available on the day of the show, so we suggest you call the box office and check availability before traveling to the theatre.

Is there a "will call"?

Under normal circumstances, there is  a "will call" available the same day as the performance. The box office opens 30 minutes prior to the performance, at which time "will call" would be available.

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Who can I contact in regards to group rates and reservations?

Audra Lange
Phone: 262-472-5943

In case of cancellations due to weather conditions, is there a method of notification?

In extreme cases of weather, where there may be a need to cancel or postpone a performance, there will be every attempt made to contact you in advance enough notice to make the necessary arrangements or provisions. Please keep yourself informed by listening to the radio and checking our website.

Do you have wheelchair accessibility?

Yes, the UW-Whitewater campus is fully wheelchair accessible and our theatres can accommodate those with wheelchairs or other special needs. Please let us know at the time you book your tickets if you will require assistance or information regarding disabled parking, wheelchair accessible seating, or other special services so that we may assist your visit to the theatre.

Is there an age restriction for attendance?

This is typically a decision we leave up to a responsible parent or guardian, as children's maturity levels can vary, in addition to the productions that we produce. If there is any question as to the appropriateness of the material or the entertainment value for children, please feel free to contact us with any questions. Please be advised that any children that prove to be an interruption or distraction to the performance will be asked to leave the performance.

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Does my child need a ticket?

All audience members are required to have a ticket to attend; however, there is a special discounted rate for those children under the age of 18.

May I bring my camera or any other recording devices?

No photography or video recording will be allowed or tolerated, as this may be an infringement on copyright laws, not to mention a distraction to our actors and fellow audience members.

Do you have a cell phone policy in place?

We strictly prohibit the use of cell phones during a performance and strongly advise you to turn your phones off or on silent if attending an event.

What time should I arrive prior to the show?

We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the performance, however, if you are still in need of tickets please plan on arriving earlier to accommodate your purchase.

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How long are performances?

The length of a production varies a great deal depending on the show type, whether it be a musical, dance recital, or any other number of arts events. Typically, we try to keep running times between 90 and 180 minutes per event. In order to get a more specific running time for your chosen event, please feel free to contact the box office several days before attending and they should be able to assist you getting an estimate of the performance length.

Is there parking available?

Convenient parking for Theatre/Dance events and other events in the Greenhill Center of the arts can be found in Lot 1 off of Prince Street. Get a map of campus parking. Parking for theatre performances and concerts should only use Lot 1 or be subject to a parking ticket.

Are there any local restaurants in the area?

There are multiple choices of restaurants and bars in the area that are within walking distance of the University. For more information on specific choices please refer to the following link:

How do I get to Whitewater, Wisconsin?

From Chicago (average travel time 2 hours 10 minutes)
Take I-90 West to Exit 171A (Janesville/Milton exit). Take Hwy 26N to Milton. At stoplight, turn right onto Hwy 59 East to Whitewater. Turn left on Main St , right on Prairie St, and then left on Starin Road.

Alternative Routes:

  • I-94 West to Hwy 50 W to Lake Geneva. Hwy 12 West to Whitewater.
  • Hwy 12 West to Hwy 59E/Business Hwy 12 to Whitewater
  • Hwy 14 West to Hwy 89 N; then left onto Main Street

From Madison (average travel time 60 minutes)
I-90 East to Exit 163 (Milton/Edgerton exit). Hwy 59 East, then left onto County "N" to Whitewater. After you cross Hwy 89S/12E, you will turn left at Indian Mound Parkway, then right on Main St. At stoplight in front of McDonald's, turn left onto Tratt St, then right onto Starin Road to parking Lot 7 (on left).

From Milwaukee (average travel time 1 hour 5 minutes)
I-43 South. At East Troy, take Hwy 20 W, then Hwy 12 W to Hwy 59E/Business Hwy 12 to Whitewater. Continue on Main Street. Turn right on Prairie St, then left on Starin Road to Lot 7 (on right). (Alternate route is Hwy 59 W. from Waukesha to Whitewater)

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Academic FAQ's

What kind of opportunities will I have as a Theatre/Dance student?

Our philosophy is one of learning-by-doing, so there are many hands-on experiences open to you in our department You can earn credits in such areas as: performing, designing, construction crews, performance running crews, stage management, house management, publicity and promotions, choreography, and others. Once students are ready, we put them in positions of their area of interest, so that they can continue to learn by doing!

What kinds of degree programs are offered?

UW-Whitewater offers a wide range of degrees, visit our degree information page for details. We offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree (78 credits) in 1.) Performance, 2.) Design/Technology, 3.) Management/Promotions, and 4.) Stage Management. We also offer a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree (42 credits) in Theatre and a Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) in Theatre degree (35 units of licensure, 42 units of major), as well as Minors in Theatre, Dance, Arts Management and Theatre Education.

What about auditions for the performances? When do they take place?

The auditions for all of our productions are open to anyone. Auditions for each production have specific requirements but normally a memorized audition piece is required. Our auditions normally follow this pattern:

  • Summeround Theatre - sometime in April
  • First production of the fall semester - sometime in April or May
  • Second and third productions of the fall semester - early in the fall semester
  • Second semester productions, including DanceScapes - during the fall semester

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What kind of facilities does the Theatre/Dance Department have?

The UW-Whitewater Theatre/Dance Department has two state-of-the art theatres, as well as one large scene shop, one large costume shop (including costume storage), a design room/computer lab, as well as access to dance studios. Visit our facilities page for more detailed information.

Who is the head of the Theatre/Dance Department?

Marshall Anderson is the chair of the department. More information.

What is required for undergraduate admission to UW-Whitewater?

Information regarding undergraduate admissions can be found on the admissions webpage at

What is required for undergraduate admission to the Theatre/Dance Department?

There are no auditions to become a Theatre/Dance Department Major or Minor. You simply declare your intent to enroll in one of our programs and you are a part of us! After you have been on campus for a year, there IS an official application process to go through to be an official BFA candidate.

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Who are some of the faculty with whom I can expect to work?

The Theatre/Dance Department has qualified and exceptional faculty and academic staff. View their individual profiles.

What are some past shows which were presented by the Theatre/Dance Department?

The Theatre/Dance Department produces a variety of performances each season. View the archives of past productions.

How large is the Theatre/Dance Department?

In recent years, the Department had approximately 85 majors in our programs, divided among the BFA, BA and BSE degrees. There are, in addition, around 70 students in our various minor programs - theatre, dance, arts management and theatre education.

What are some advantages in becoming part of the UW-Whitewater Theatre/Dance Department?

Based on our numbers listed above, we are big enough to do some very special things, but yet we are small enough that you will never be just a number to us. We get to know our students on a personal level, working with you in the classroom, studio, lab and onstage! Our graduates are becoming known in the region and our faculty work with you to help you take your place in the world of theatre!

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What organizations does the Department offer?

A variety of student-based organizations are offered here. Get more information.

What kinds of scholarships are offered through the Theatre/Dance Department? Through the University?

A variety of scholarships are offered through the university and through the theater/dance department. Get scholarship information and applications for the theater/dance department. General scholarship information and applications for the university can be found at: