Code of Conduct

Core Values

  1. Commitment to the Pursuit of Knowledge and Understanding
  2. Development of the Individual
  3. Personal and Professional Integrity
  4. Commitment to Serve
  5. Commitment to Develop a Sense of Community, Respect for Diversity, and Global Perspective


Student Honor Code

UW-Whitewater's College of Business and Economics students are expected to subscribe to the College's Student Honor Code:

As members of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater College of Business and Economics community, we commit ourselves to act ethically in all aspects of our academic lives.

As students, we promise that our work demonstrates the highest integrity.  We will not misrepresent our work, nor plagiarize, nor use unauthorized aid to gain a higher academic standing. 

As we participate in our academic setting, we commit to promoting diversity and professionalism in our classrooms.  We encourage participation from all members of our community, showing respect for others' personal dignity, rights and freedoms.  

We will value the academic property that is Hyland Hall as well as the property of individuals throughout the UW-Whitewater campus. 

We choose to endorse this set of values, thereby accepting responsibility for acting by these principles. 

Adopted by the Dean's Advisory Council Spring 2015


Faculty Ethics Statement

The UW-Whitewater College of Business and Economics subscribes to the Statement on Professional Ethics developed by the American Association of University Professors.

Click here to view this ethics statement.