GPA and Transfer Guidelines

Grade Point Average (GPA) Guidelines 

Business majors are required to have a combined cumulative grade point average of 2.50 to take lower division courses (ACCOUNT 244, ACCOUNT 249, ACCOUNT 341, ACCOUNT 342, ECON 245, & ITBE 280).

“Combined cumulative grade point average” refers to the fact that the College of Business and Economics uses transfer grades in combination with Whitewater grades to determine eligibility for courses and graduation.

After admission to the College of Business and Economics, you must maintain at least a 2.50 combined cumulative GPA to take business courses, and you must have a 2.50 combined cumulative GPA in three areas in order to graduate.  You need a 2.50 (1) in your overall coursework; (2) in all business courses; and (3) in courses in your major.

Not sure how to calculate your GPA?

Transferring to UW-Whitewater
All College of Business and Economics grade point average requirements refer to a "combined cumulative" GPA. This GPA computation includes your transfer credits and grades along with your Whitewater credits and grades.  This policy means that your transfer record contributes to determining whether you're eligible for lower division freshman- and sophomore-level business courses (2.50 requirement), admission to the college junior- and senior-level courses (2.80 requirement), and for graduation (2.50 requirement).

Your University degree requirements core courses may have been personalized based on the number of credits you transferred.  Be sure to register for only the core courses required for you.

Regardless of the number of core courses you are required to take, you must meet the University (general education) requirements minimum of 32 units/credits and take the minimum in each area of University (general education) requirements.  The school you attended previously may have offered courses in a sequence that differs from the UW-Whitewater offerings.  The most common examples of this discrepancy are in mathematics and economics.  At UW-Whitewater, you will be required to complete finite mathematics unless you transfer in 8 or more credits of calculus.  UW-Whitewater also requires courses in both macroeconomics and microeconomics.  If you completed microeconomics, you will still need to take macroeconomics, and vice versa.

If you have questions regarding how courses will transfer, contact our Admissions Office at 262-472-1440.

If you've received your evaluation of transfer credits and still have questions regarding whether a course you've taken might be substituted for a course required in your program, contact Assistant Dean Stephanie Douglas at 262-472-4900 to set up an appointment.  We will need a course syllabus and/or description for the course you completed at your transfer school.

If you transfer a D or F and UW-Whitewater has an equivalent course, you may be able to repeat the course here and have the new grade replace the D or F in your combined cumulative GPA.

UW-Whitewater Students Transferring to Another Institution
If you're considering transferring from UW-Whitewater to another institution, you need to contact the other institution to find out whether/how courses will transfer, the admission requirements and deadlines, etc.  To request that a transcript be sent to the other institution, contact the Registrar's Office at 262-472-1213.

UW-Whitewater Students Taking Transfer Credits for a Summer or Semester
If you're thinking of taking course(s) at a UW-System school (UW-Parkside, UW-Madison, UWC-Waukesha, etc.) or a school within the state technical system, you can get transfer information about course equivalencies.

If you're considering transferring credits from an institution outside the UW System, contact the Admissions Office at 262-472-1440 to find out how/whether the credits will transfer.

Remember that for College of Business and Economics purposes, the GPA you earn on transfer credits will be combined with your UW-Whitewater GPA.