College of Business and Economics

Community Service

Community service requirements

All business majors are required to complete 20 hours of community service before registering for Management 489, which is the required capstone course for all business majors. Community service helps students see how their goodwill can have a positive effect on other people, organizations and entire communities. This requirement also provides leadership opportunities for students outside of their campus experiences and instills a habit of accepting an ethical responsibility for the public good.

What are the criteria for community service?

  • Pay cannot be received for the work done.
  • Work is done for a not-for-profit entity.
  • An effort is made to help a community above and beyond personal responsibilities.
    • For example, visiting a nursing home through a program would qualify as community service, but visiting a relative in a nursing home would not qualify.
    • Participating in an activity sponsored by a community service organization would qualify, but membership in the organization alone would not qualify.
  • You may participate in several different activities to complete the required twenty hours. Submit a different form for each activity.

How do I record my community service work?

To record and bank your community service hours you must turn in a Community Service Form to the Advising Office in room 1200 of Hyland Hall.