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Carol Brunt
Associate Professor

  • Department(s): Management
  • Office Location: Timothy J Hyland Hall 4514
  • Phone: (262) 472-3956
  • Email:
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Undergraduate Research Assistant Award
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
College of Business and Economics Research Award
College of Business and Economics

Development Management
University of Manchester

International Society for Third Sector Research
2017 - Current
Nonprofit Academic Centers Council (NACC)
2017 - Current
Association of Nonprofit and Voluntary Associations
2015 - Current
African Academy of Management
2013 - Current
Academy of Management
2012 - Current

Comparison across borders: an emergent picture of academic and community connections in the nonprofit sector in Canada and the US
Dr. Peter Weber
Covid-19 and Nonprofit Employee Vulnerability
Reflection on AJOM’s Junior Faculty Fellowship: How to foster engagement and communication
Winning Formulas: characteristics of supportive academic centers and institutes
Dr. Peter Weber
Continuing to Build Knowledge: Undergraduate Nonprofit Programs in Institutions of Higher Learning
Dr. Peter Weber
Undergraduate nonprofit education: Between Institutionalization and Recruitment
Employment relations: how social unionism contributes to human capital development in nonprofit organizations
Dr. Kunle Akingbola
Advancing a people-first culture: HRM in nonprofit curricula
HRM and Employment Relations in Nonprofit Organizations: International Evidence from Research and Practice
"Building Knowledge: Positioning Nonprofit Programs in Institutions of Higher Learning,"
“Overcoming Advancement Barriers: Early Stage Exploration of the Utility of a Self-Directed Learning Model in the Nonprofit Sector in Kenya”
Sophie Bruas
Exploring self-directed learning as a model for career development: Kenyan Experience
Sophie Bruas
Strategic HRM in the Non-profit Sector: Institutional Experience among Ngos in Kenya
Dr. Kunle Akingbola
Balancing Dual Roles of Researcher and Practitioner during Collaborative Field Research in the Development Sector – A Reflection on Practice
Recognition of Existing Governance Structures as a Constraint to Organizational Decision-Making in International Non-Governmental Organizations
Reframing the Role of INGOs: the Introduction of Partnership Agreements

Journal of Public Affairs Education
Journal of Public Affairs Education
Pg. 1-22
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