College of Business and Economics
Upham Hall

Jane Weiss
Assistant Professor

  • Office Location: Timothy J Hyland Hall 3531
  • Phone: (262) 472-1029
  • Email:
  • Department(s): Accounting

Native of Wisconsin and grew up on a dairy farm with many siblings. My BBA is from UW-Whitewater, MAcc from University of Georgia and PhD from University of Wisconsin-Madison. My primary interest in accounting research and teaching is financial reporting and sustainability reporting. Enjoy golfing, cycling, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing with husband, daughter, and two dogs.

UW-Whitewater Teaching Scholar
May 2018
UW-Whitewater Learn Center
Wisconsin Teaching Fellow
April 2018
UW-System Office of Professional and Insturctional Development
Roderick M. Steel Distinguished Professorship of Accounting
University of Idaho
Thiessen Family Excellence in Research Award
University of Idaho

University of Wisconsin - Madison
University of Georgia
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

Certified Public Accountant
August 23, 1991

Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountant
2015 - Current
Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting (CTLA)
2012 - Current
Public Interest Section - AAA
2010 - Current
American Accounting Association
2000 - Current

An Initial Study of Understanding US Corporate Collective Bargaining and Corporate Sustainability
How to Introduce Principle Based Accounting into the Classroom
Interleave Learning in Advance Accounting
Teaching Techniques Implemented to Enhance Students Comprehension of Consolidations
Implementing Design Inquiry into Accounting Curriculum
Implementing Design Inquiry Techniques in a Sustainability Accounting & Reporting Course
Fully Integrated vs. Limited Integration of Sustainable Practices: Is There a Difference in Financial Performance?"
The Accounting Cycle & Consolidations
Jason Porter
Smithfield Motors: A case in Lending, Strategy, & Value
Steve Nenninger
Teaching Sustainability
Deciding When and How to Impair Goodwill: The Case of Enervate Inc.
Jason Porter and Phil Church

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Vol. 2 Iss. 1 Pg. 41-56
Management Discretion of Acruals Prior to the Demutualization of Property-Liability Insurance Companies
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