Message from Department Chair

"Economics is the study of individuals - what incentives they face, the decisions they make and how they interact. While economics is truly a social science (at many universities economics departments are located in colleges of arts and sciences), economics is also a foundational component in the study of business. At UW-Whitewater, the economics department is physically located in the Colleges of Business and Economics.

A key focus of the Department of Economics at UW-Whitewater is on applied business and economic analysis. Economics faculty members are actively engaged in applying the tools of economic analysis to answer a variety of questions that are important to both business and government. For example, one professor is examining the impact of charter schools and its impact on education. Another example is where one professor is examining implications of exchange rate movements for the global economy. The Department of Economics also houses the Fiscal and Economic Research Center, where there are plenty of opportunities for our students to get involved with practical applications of economic analysis. 

Are you a student who likes to think about issues more broadly? Do you value careful thinking and reliance on analytical tools to better understand/evaluate the world around you? If so, perhaps economics is the right major for you. Our goal is to provide the very best training possible so that our graduates are able to apply the tools of economic analysis in businesses and in government. We also strive to prepare students with ambitions to attend graduate school with the skills necessary to successfully complete graduate degrees in business, law, public administration, and economics. In recent years our students have gone on to graduate school at places like Marquette University , Ohio State University, the University of British Columbia, Indiana University, Michigan State, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison ."