Working Paper Series

Welcome to the Working Paper Series of the Economics Department here at UW-Whitewater. All papers here are in Adobe pdf format. This working paper series is also archived on RePEc through the mirrored site at IDEAS.

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17-01 Nayana Bose and Shreyasee Das

Intergenerational Effects of Improving Women's Property Rights: Evidence from India

15-01 Yamin Ahmad and Olena Mykhaylova

Exploring International Differences in Inflation Dynamics

14-03 Eylem Ersal Kiziler and Ha Nguyen

Currency Risk and Business Cycle Risk in the Geography of Debt Flows to Peripheral Europe

14-02 Yamin Ahmad and Luiggi Donayre

Outliers and Persistence in Threshold Autoregressive Processes: A Puzzle?

14-01Yamin Ahmad and Ivan Paya

Temporal Aggregation of Random Walk Processes and Implications for Asset Prices (including the Technical Appendix)

13-03 Shreyasee Das and Abhilasha Singh

The Impact of Temporary Work Guarantee Programs on Children's Education: Evidence from the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Guarantee Act from India

13-02 Matthew Winden, Bhavik Bakshi, Nathan Cruze and Tim Haab

Monetized value of the environmental, health and resource externalities of soy biodiesel

13-01 Matthew Winden, Bhavik Bakshi, Nathan Cruze and Tim Haab

Integrating Life Cycle Assessment and Choice Analysis for Alternative Fuel Valuation

12-03 Shreyasee Das

State Rights over Water and Agricultural Productivity: Evidence from the Krishna Basin

12-02 David Welsch

Affirmative Action in College Admission Decisions and the Distribution of Human Capital

12-01 Yamin Ahmad, Ming Chien Lo and Olena Mykhaylova

Causes of Nonlinearities in Low Order Models of the Real Exchange Rate

11-02 Eylem Ersal Kiziler

Growth Shocks and Portfolio Flows

11-01 Yamin Ahmad, Ming Chien Lo and Olena Mykhaylova

Volatility, Persistence and Non-Linearity of Simulated DSGE Real Exchange Rates

10-01 Yamin Ahmad and William Craighead
Temporal Aggregation and Purchasing Power Parity Persistence

09-01 Yamin Ahmad and Stuart Glosser
Searching for Nonlinearities in Real Exchange Rates

08-01 Yamin Ahmad and Russ Kashian
Modeling the Time to an Initial Public Offering: When does the Fruit Ripen?

08-02 Cynthia Hill and David Welsch
Is there a Difference Between For-Profit Versus Not-For-Profit Charter Schools?

08-03 Benjamin Artz
Fringe Benefits and Job Satisfaction

08-04 Russ Kashian and David Welsch
A Regional Examination of Foreclosures

07-01 Yamin Ahmad
The Effects of Small Sample Bias in Threshold Autoregressive Models

06-01 Jeff Heinrich and Russ Kashian
Credit Union to Mutual Conversion: Do Rates Diverge?

06-02 Russell Kashian
Lake Drawdown: A Debate on the Value of 2 Inches of Water

06-03 Russell Kashian and Heather Kohls
Committee Size and Smart Growth: An Optimal Solution

06-04 Russell Kashian and Heather Kohls
Comprehensive Planning: Is There a Relationship between Committee Design and Subsequent Outcome: A Baseline Survey

05-01 Yamin Ahmad
International Observations of Monetary Policy Periods

05-02 Yamin Ahmad
Reconciling the Effects of Monetary Policy Actions on Consumption Within a Heterogeneous Agent Framework

05-03 Yamin Ahmad, Pietro Cova (Ministry of Finance, Italy) and Rodrigo Harrison ( Universidad Catholica de Chile)
Foreign Direct Investment vs. Foreign Portfolio Investment: A Global Games Approach

05-04 Mark Skidmore and Hideki Toya (Nayoga City University, Japan)
Economic Development and Natural Disasters

05-05 Jeff Olson (Ohio State University) and Mark Skidmore
The Geographic Distribution of Disaster Damages across the United States

05-06 Mark Skidmore and Mehmet Serkan Tosun (West Virginia University)
Do New Lottery Games Stimulate Retail Activity? Evidence from West Virginia Counties

05-07 Mark Skidmore and Mehmet Serkan Tosun (West Virginia University)
Cross-Border Shopping and the Sales Tax: A Reexamination of Food Purchases in West Virginia

05-08 Raymond Robertson (Macalaster College), Mark Skidmore, and Hideki Toya (Nagoya City University, Japan)
A Reevaluation of the Effect of Human Capital Accumulation on Economic Growth: Using Natural Disasters as an Instrument

05-09 James Alm (Georgia State University), Edward Sennoga (Georgia State University) and Mark Skidmore
Perfect Competition, Spatial Competition, and Tax Incidence in the Retail Gasoline Market

05-10 John W. Miller (Central Connecticut State University) and Mark Skidmore
Higher Education Completion and Related Factors