Andrew Ciganek Department Chair

  • Office Location: Timothy J Hyland 3418
  • Phone: (262) 472-6946
  • Email: ciganeka@uww.edu
  • Department(s): Information Technology & Supply Chain Management
Andrew Ciganek

Select Publications:


Author(s) Year Article Title Journal Name Volume Issue Pages
Ciganek, A., Haseman, W. D., Ramamurthy, K. 2012 Time to Decision: The Drivers of Innovation Adoption Decisions. Enterprise Information Systems N/A N/A N/A
Kopf, D. A., Torres, I. M., Ciganek, A. 2012 Advertising and Internet Content Providers: Creating a Market for Information. Journal of Internet Commerce 11 2 81-99
Park, S., Zo, H., Ciganek, A., Lim, G. G. 2011 Examining Success Factors in the Adoption of Digital Object Identifier Systems. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications 10 6 626-636
Yoon, H., Zo, H., Ciganek, A. 2011 Does XBRL Adoption Reduce Information Asymmetry? Journal of Business Research 64 2 157-163
Ciganek, A., Mao, E., Srite, M. 2008 Organizational Culture for Knowledge Management Systems: A Study of Corporate Users. International Journal of Knowledge Management 4 1 01-16