MBA - Finance Emphasis

The Finance emphasis provides students a solid knowledge base to work in areas of corporate financial management, investments, as well as financial planning. Adopting state of art investment tools, students gain opportunities to apply classroom knowledge to value financial assets and solve real world problems while learning the newest theoretical developments in the field. Program instructors utilize the Applied Investment Center and provide training for students on Bloomberg certification and other financial modeling techniques. 

MBA students that would like to earn an emphasis in Finance must complete nine credits of the following courses.

FNBSLW 739: Financial Planning Process

Prerequisite: FNBSLW 718

This course explores the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the Personal Financial Planning process. It includes study of the following areas: determining financial objectives, formulating investment objectives, tax planning, insurance planning, retirement planning and estate planning.

FNBSLW 750: Real Estate Finance & Investment

Prerequisite: FNBSLW 718

Consideration of the institutional environment affecting the financing and ownership of real estate. Detailed evaluation of both the nature of and the risks associated with lender and investor yields from real estate investment.

FNBSLW 755: Multinational Business Finance

Prerequisite: FNBSLW 344 or FNBSLW 718

An advanced course of international financial principles covering major macroeconomic factors affecting international corporate decisions, foreign exchange transactions, hedging strategies, international capital structure decisions, capital budgeting, international financial markets, and taxation.

FNBSLW 760: Financial Markets

Prerequisite: FNBSLW 344 & (FNBSLW 345 or FNBSLW 718)

Structure and operation of the markets for corporate debt and equity securities, municipal obligations, and mortgages. Detailed examination of stock markets and their use by investors.

FNBSLW 770: Capital Budgeting

Prerequisite: FNBSLW 718

Financial planning for working capital management and long range investment projects. Emphasis on capital budgeting problem solving. Readings on capital budgeting and related topics, cost of capital structure, and dividend policy.

FNBSLW 780: Portfolio Theory & Practice

Prerequisite: FNBSLW 718 & Marketing 731

Formulation of objectives and the development of portfolios to meet these objectives for individuals and institutions. Special attention will be focused on statistical and analytical techniques for portfolio selection and management.

FNBSLW 785: Financial Modeling

Prerequisite: FNBSLW 718

This course provides hands-on experience for students to access financial information and perform financial analysis. It covers formula building, referencing, integrated financials, scenario and sensitivity analysis, and data visualization techniques.