Graduate Student Profiles

Mohammed Alduwais, M.B.A., Portfolio Manager, IBM, '12

I am very proud that I chose the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater to pursue my MBA, which I earned recently in May 2012. My emphases were Finance, Management, and Operation and Supply Chain Management.

However, every day I dream about the goals I want to achieve in my life. This is the beginning of a new step of my life and look forward to achieving more "Insha'Allah." I believe the experiences; knowledge and skills that I gained during my school years helped me to join one of the greatest companies in the world that runs businesses across the globe.

As we witness every day that technology is running at accelerate pace, I have chosen to be a part of that and advance my career within this field. I recently joined IBM as a Portfolio Manager to manage an enterprise wide strategy and the performance of portfolios for synergy across portfolios, alignment with IBM business strategy, maximum efficiency, productivity of the portfolios, and business results.

IBM has an agreement worth approximately $280 million to provide comprehensive IT solutions for the fastest growing telecommunications company in Saudi Arabia. This project is the second largest project for IBM in the Middle East.

As a multinational company I believe IBM has a great diversity of people from around the world. I engage with people from different countries working on the same project from different places.

I have engaged with the different organizations on our campus and have benefited from learning from the diversity of people and their experiences. Also, building bridges and breaking stereotypes between students and communities were a huge challenge that I enjoyed to do. It helped me to learn more about the cultural, custom, and traditional which I strongly believe it is the best way to get to know people.

I had people asked me if we have cars back home or do we still ride a camels? Do we have restaurants like McDonalds, or how can people get hamburgers? In fact, I don't blame people when they ask such questions like these, but I blame the media.

I guess regardless of whom you are and wherever you go, you are going to explore and learn interesting things. I encourage everyone to take advantage of your time on campus and enjoy the beauty of diversity. Meet new people, ask, and learn more about the world.