MBA - Management Emphasis

MBA students that would like to earn an emphasis in Management must complete nine credits of the following courses.

MANGEMENT 738: Management of Innovation

No Prerequisite

This is a graduate course designed to acquaint the student with the foundations and the processes of research, development, technology, and innovation. This course draws upon current literatures in the management of engineering and technology-based organizations. Students are exposed to the workings of technology within the company, from its generation in the research and development function, to its commercialization as new products and services.

MANGEMENT 741: Organizational Behavior

No Prerequisite

Organizational Behavior is the study of many factors that impact how individuals and groups act, think, feel, and respond to work and organizations, and how organizations in turn respond to their environments. It provides a set of tools for understanding, analyzing and predicting individual and group behavior in organizations, and offers managers means to improve, enhance, or change organizational behavior such that individuals, groups, and the whole organization can achieve their goals.

MANGEMENT 764: Sustainable Management

No Prerequisite

This course focuses on proving concept and methodologies relevant to ensuring businesses can sustainably manage their operations. Topics include an introduction to sustainable management, organizational response, redefining business models, product design, realigning supply chains, social sustainability, and the role of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

MANGEMENT 770: Organizational Design

Prerequisite: MANGEMENT 745

Application of organization theory to the structuring of organizations. The course examines organizational configurations and their effectiveness in different situational contexts to provide a rationale for management practice.

MANGEMENT 771: Strategic Management

Prerequisite: MANGEMENT 745

The course surveys the theoretical backgrounds of strategic management. It also covers practical methods and applications of strategic management models based upon existing theory, research, and practice. Comparative analysis of emerging strategic management frameworks are examined with implications for management practice.

MANGEMENT 777: International Management

Prerequisite: MANGEMENT 745

The course deals with concepts, issues, problems, and research in international management, with a focus on the international application of: (1) strategic management, (2) organizational theory and design, (3) organizational behavior, culture, conflict, leadership, and communication, (4) ethical issues, and (5) development, control, and coordination of international subsidiaries.