MBA - Marketing Emphasis

MBA students that would like to earn an emphasis in Marketing must complete nine credits of the following courses.

MARKETNG 751: Buyer Behavior

Prerequisite: MARKETNG 716

The study and explanation of the behavior of consumers, research methods and findings from the behavioral sciences.

MARKETNG 761: International Business (Marketing)

Prerequisite: MARKETNG 716

Fundamental aspects of international business will be studied. Emphasis is placed on decision making in an international setting and appraisal of market opportunities worldwide. Cases are used to illustrate operational problems of multinational organizations as well as international intermediaries.

MARKETNG 765: Advertising and Promotion Management

No Prerequisite

The course focuses on the identification and utilization of key marketing communication components in the development and implementation of promotional strategies and tactics. Attention will be devoted to understanding effective and efficient ways to integrate various marketing promotion techniques. Specific topics include sales promotion, Internet marketing, advertising, direct marketing, database marketing and personal selling.

MARKETNG 767: Strategic Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Prerequisite: MARKETNG 716

The course focuses on key marketing strategies relevant for new businesses and/or new product launches. Students apply marketing concepts to the wide range of business challenges facing entrepreneurs. Through experiential learning opportunities, students apply what they learned for developing comprehensive entrepreneurial marketing plans.

MARKETNG 770: Product Innovation and Pricing

Prerequisite: MARKETNG 716

An in-depth examination of the theoretical framework and empirical findings as they relate to the development and pricing of new products. The marketing tasks of new product development and existing product management are examined in an innovation context. Current methods of setting prices are also discussed.

MARKETNG 772: Internet Marketing

Prerequisite: MARKETNG 716

This class provides students with basic knowledge of the Internet so that they can understand why this technology has and will continue to exert such an important impact on marketing practice. It considers such topics as web demographics, the on-line business model, web enhancement of products and services, personalization, traffic and brand building, net exchanges, and on-line community. The class explores the impact that the Internet is having on such traditional areas of marketing concern as research, new product development, segmentation, personal selling, pricing, and distribution.

MARKETNG 774: Strategic Marketing Planning

Prerequisite: MARKETNG 716

Analysis of the planning process in the marketing oriented enterprise culminating with the development of a marketing plan based on a current business problem. The supportive nature of staff functions is analyzed from the viewpoint of its contribution to total marketing planning and strategy.