PI 34 General Education for Licensure

The State of Wisconsin through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has implemented a set of teacher education program rules that are referred to as PI 34. The rules describe a general education requirement that must be met by all teachers seeking their first teaching license, regardless of previous degrees.

To meet the General Education requirements for teacher licensure, students at UW-Whitewater must complete one third of the credits for a bachelor's degree or a minimum of 40 semester hours of course work in general education and the course requirements in each of the categories listed. All courses taken to satisfy UW-Whitewater's proficiency, general studies, major, and minor requirements may be used to meet the General Education requirements for teacher licensure.

  • No course shall be used to satisfy more than one area of the PI-34 general education requirements for licensure; and
  • For transfer, non-traditional, and post baccalaureate students, the decision about the suitability of any given course to be accepted in partial fulfillment of PI-34 general education requirements for licensure shall be made by the College of Education & Professional Studies faculty or Licensure Program Coordinator evaluating the student's transcript. These decisions are matters of professional judgment that shall be made in the best interests of the student and the intent of the general education for licensure requirement established by the PI-34 legislation.