Post-baccalaureate Seeking an Initial Teaching License

Have you already completed a Bachelor's degree, and are interested in earning an initial teaching license? If so, we have options to help you achieve this. Most students pursue additional coursework at the undergraduate level in order to complete a second Bachelor's degree in education and/or teacher licensure. Please understand that you may not earn multiple Bachelor's degrees with the same major. For example, if you previously earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Spanish, then you may not earn a second Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) in Spanish. However, you may complete the necessary requirements in order to be endorsed for a teaching license in Spanish.

Next Steps

In order to best serve your needs, please complete the survey linked below.  This will help us understand which license you are seeking, and will help our office research your case before scheduling a time to meet with you to discuss the initial license process.  Please understand that this survey is the first step in your continued education, and we will not be able to help answer any questions until this is completed.  You will be required to attach your unofficial transcripts, so please be sure to have those on hand when completing this survey.