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Thank you for your interest in UW-Whitewater and the College of Education and Professional Studies!

We are thrilled that you are considering, or have already chosen, UW-Whitewater to pursue your college aspirations! The information below is tailored for prospective and incoming first-year students. There are many ways that you can explore our campus further and prepare for your college experience with us. As you consider attending UW-Whitewater, we also encourage you to learn more about our academic programs

Prospective Students

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Enrolled First-Year Students

All first-year students in our College are advised by academic advisors in the Academic Advising and Exploration Center (AAEC).  If you are unsure of who your academic advisor is, use the How-To's for students found on our Registrar's webpage.  It is imperative that students meet with their assigned advisor every semester to develop an academic program plan and learn how to monitor and complete requirements for graduation. Ultimately, it is the student's responsibility to understand and fulfill the requirements for graduation and licensure, to monitor their course of study, and to take the initiative to seek advising. 

We are excited that you are interested in transferring to UW-Whitewater for a program in the College of Education and Professional Studies! We understand that transferring is a big decision, and we want to make that decision easier by assisting you with any questions you may have about our programs. We encourage prospective transfer students for our programs to contact the Advising Coordinator in the College of Education and Professional Studies prior to transferring.

All transfer students must attend Warhawks SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration). At this program, you will meet with representatives from the College of Education and Professional Studies, including an academic advisor. You will also select and register in courses for your upcoming semester. This is an important and informative program to start your success at UW-Whitewater.

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  • Applications for admission to the University may be submitted at

  • We recommend that students apply 6 months in advance:
    • September for Spring start
    • January for Fall start

Apply for Financial AidAttend Warhawks SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration).

Meet requirements for Admission to Professional Education

  • This applies only to students who seek a teaching license program


Contact Information

Winther Hall Information Desk
College of Education and Professional Studies
262-472-1101 UW-Whitewater Admissions Office

We offer several graduate programs in the College of Education and Professional Studies, whether you are interested in achieving a Master's degree or a graduate-level certificate. Some programs may also include initial or advanced Wisconsin teacher licensing options. For more information, please reference our graduate program information. Our programs provide advanced academic preparation enabling students to think critically, create and disseminate research, and engage in a global society. Graduate students in our programs gain the knowledge, expertise, and confidence necessary to take their career to the next level and to be leaders in their profession and community.

We also encourage you to visit the School of Graduate Studies for additional information on graduate programs across UW-W, admission, application procedures, financial assistance, and so on. 

Graduate Advising

Graduate students should consult their Program Coordinator or assigned faculty advisor with questions regarding orientation, degree or certificate requirements, course registration, and graduation.Please note that some of our graduate programs require the completion of a professional development plan (PDP), portfolio, and/or capstone project. Be sure to consult your graduate advisor to learn more details if your program requires such. Students should begin planning very early for their capstone project; the first semester of the program is recommended, particularly in the Master of Science in Education in Professional Development (MSE-PD) which offers multiple emphases. 

Capstone Project Proposal Form

MSE-PD students in most emphasis areas develop detailed capstone project proposals in either READING 773 (for Reading and ESL emphases) or EDUINDP 724 (for all other emphasis areas except Health, Human Performance, and Recreation). Students enroll in these courses after completing EDFOUND 780 Reading, Analyzing, and Evaluating Educational Research and at least nine additional units of program course work. To comply with Institutional Review Board regulations and to facilitate planning of the Capstone Project Seminar, each student must submit a brief (two-page) summary of the proposal, approved by the advisor, to the MSE-PD Program Coordinator at least one full semester before they intend to enroll in the Capstone Project Seminar. The two-page summary should be accompanied by a signed Capstone Project Proposal form.

The following form cannot be completed online.
Save the form to your computer and then use Adobe Reader to fill-out and save the form.
You can download a free copy of Reader at the Adobe Reader Homepage.
To save the form down to your computer, on a PC right-click on the link; on a Mac, control-click on the link.Capstone Project Proposal FormFill in, print, obtain your advisor's signature, and submit to John Zbikowski (3037 Winther Hall).Deadline: Signed, approved Capstone Proposals should be received by the coordinator by the Friday before the start of the last full term prior to the semester of enrollment in EDUINDP 789 Capstone Seminar.Examples:

To complete EDUINDP 789 Capstone Seminar in:Submit approved proposal before the start of:
Spring 2016 Fall 2015
Summer 2016 Spring 2016
Spring 2017 Fall 2016

Note: Effective with the 2015-16 academic year, Capstone Project Seminar will be offered in spring and summer only.
You or your advisor may forward the signed proposal to 
John Zbikowski, 
Department of Curriculum and Instruction, 
via campus mail. Confirmation will be sent to you.Electronic signatures are also acceptable. Advisors can indicate their approval of proposals in email messages sent directly to by the deadline, preferably with electronic copies of the proposals attached.Contact your advisor or the instructor of your section of EDUINDP 724, Planning for Change (if applicable), if you have questions about which box to check to indicate whether your project is subject to full board review. For an overview of information about Institutional Review Board (human subjects) procedures, visit the UW-Whitewater compliance website.Note that submitting the proposal does not constitute registration for the seminar. You may register for the Capstone Project Seminar (EDUINDP 789) in the earliest semester for which you are eligible OR in any later semester without updating your proposal. You will need your advisor's approval for your proposal, and you should notify your advisor when you register for the Capstone Project Seminar (EDUINDP 789). When your approved proposal is on file, contact the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at 262-472-1122 or when you are ready to enroll so that you will be able to register for the seminar on WINS.At the start of the Capstone Project Seminar, you should have ready in draft form an introduction to your project (purpose and nature of the project), a review of related literature, and a description of how you implemented the project. Students who have completed EDUINDP 724,Planning for Change, and EDUINDP 727, Capstone Advising II, should also have drafted chapters with results and conclusions.When you register for the Capstone Project Seminar, it would be a good idea to submit an application for graduation if you have not already done so. You need to notify the School of Graduate Studies of your intention to graduate using this form even if you do not plan to participate in commencement ceremonies. Your notification alerts the Graduate School to conduct a final review of your transcript and to post your degree when you finish.

Have you already completed a Bachelor's degree, and are interested in earning an initial teaching license? If so, we have options to help you achieve this. Most students pursue additional coursework at the undergraduate level in order to complete a second Bachelor's degree in education and/or teacher licensure. Please understand that you may not earn multiple Bachelor's degrees with the same major. For example, if you previously earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Spanish, then you may not earn a second Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) in Spanish. However, you may complete the necessary requirements in order to be endorsed for a teaching license in Spanish.

Next Steps

In order to best serve your needs, please complete the survey linked below.  This will help us understand which license you are seeking, and will help our office research your case before scheduling a time to meet with you to discuss the initial license process.  Please understand that this survey is the first step in your continued education, and we will not be able to help answer any questions until this is completed.  You will be required to attach your unofficial transcripts, so please be sure to have those on hand when completing this survey.

If you are a fully licensed teacher holding a valid Wisconsin teaching license through the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), such as an Initial, Professional, or Master Educator license, you may be interested in returning to UW-W for an additional teaching license or to renew your current license. Steps are provided below to get you started in this process. Please note an emergency/provisional license, substitute, aide, and/or intern licenses are not considered to be fully licensed teachers.

Financial aid may also be available if you are pursuing an additional teaching license or teacher licensure renewal.  For more information, please contact our Financial Aid Office directly. 

Licensed Teacher Seeking an Additional Teaching License

To add a license, our Licensure Program Coordinators review students' previous completed coursework, field study and student teaching, teaching license(s) and experience, and so on to design a plan for them to gain additional licensure at UW-W for their desired licensure area. 

  • Contact the designated Licensure Program Coordinator for the additional licensure which you are interested. Be sure to provide transcripts of ALL previously completed coursework.
  • Once you are admitted to the University and a plan is developed with your Licensure Program Coordinator, you must submit an Application Form for Licensed Teachers (formerly referred to as a the "green" form) with appropriate signatures and materials, including proof of your previous Bachelor's degree and teaching license, to the Winther Hall Information Desk window. This will grant you Admission to Professional Education in order to enroll in education courses. 

Licensed Teacher Renewal

Depending on when you were originally licensed, you will have certain criteria in order to renew your Wisconsin teaching license. This is determined by DPI. 

  • If you are required to complete refresher coursework for license renewal and are interested in taking courses at UW-W, you may apply for admission to the University as a "special student." If your desired course(s) does not have prerequisites, the online registration system (WINS) will allow you to enroll automatically. In order to enroll in courses with prerequisites, you must consult the appropriate department or instructor for permission to enroll. This may require providing proof of your previous Bachelor's degree, completed coursework, and/or teaching license.
  • If you are required to complete a Professional Development Plan (PDP) for license renewal and need assistance, you may consult our Licensure Support Renewal Center

Out-of-State Licensed Teacher

If you hold a valid teaching license in another state and are looking to earn licensure in Wisconsin, you must contact DPI for instructions and outstanding requirements. For more information, we encourage you to review DPI's out-of-state pathway for licensure.