Add-on Early Childhood license

Are you a teacher in Wisconsin who holds a current MC/EA license and you would like to add an Early Childhood: Regular Education license (Early Childhood Education 1777)?  Because of the number of schools offering four-year-old kindergarten and the increased awareness of the importance of early childhood education, the faculty members at UW-Whitewater have developed an accelerated program in early childhood education at the graduate level.

Details about the add-on licensure coursework for the summer of 2020:

  • All courses will be offered on-line via Canvas
  • The courses will be offered between June 15 and August 15 (three, three-week courses and a nine-week practicum)
    • All of the required coursework must be completed by July 29. Further explanation will be given to those students enrolled in this program
  • There will be one all group video meeting face to face meeting with the faculty on June 10 (5:00 pm to 7:00 pm). An invitation will be sent prior to the meeting and attendance is mandatory.
  • At the first meeting we will cover the content of the courses and offer training on the use of Canvas for new users.
  • Students must enroll in all four of the courses unless approved by the faculty.
  • Students must complete a practicum during the summer of 2020 (Due to COVID-19, exceptions may be made).
    • The practicum is a minimum of 100 hours
    • Students are responsible for finding a practicum placement and the coordinator (Lucinda Heimer) will review the proposed placement. Proposed practicum sites must be emailed to Lucy by June 1, 2020 ( Please consider the following criteria:
      • Public school summer school for children four or five years old OR
      • Childcare setting for children four or five years old OR
      • Preschool for children four or five years old OR
      • Other placement approved by coordinator
      • Additional placement approval criteria:
        • Must video record teaching three times during the placement
        • Must receive approval (from the school/families) to video record in the placement (please see the video permission at the link below)
        • Must have someone on site with at least three years of teaching experience who would be able to serve as a cooperating teacher.
        • Cooperating teachers must hold a current, valid State of Wisconsin teaching license. They will observe the student’s teaching at least once and offer written feedback to be emailed to the instructor of the practicum (the written feedback is in the form of a final evaluation)


Additional Requirements (to be addressed in this suggested order to ensure all criteria are met for licensure):

  • Students must hold a current MC/EA Wisconsin Teaching License
    • Those who hold other licenses in elementary education:
      • If teachers hold a license that is neither a Wisconsin or MC/EA, send an email to Lucy to discuss further
  • Students should pass the Wisconsin Foundations of Reading exam prior to beginning courses (required for licensure and UWW will not endorse your application for licensure until this exam is passed). Please note that you can take the courses prior to passing the exam but endorsement from UWW will not take place until we receive a student’s passing scores (this may be impacted by COVID-19 please follow State licensing updates through DPI).
  • Students must be admitted to the University of Wisconsin (Graduate School) before they will be allowed to register for classes
    • Please see the following:
      • If you are interested in only taking the twelve credits during the summer of 2020 you should apply as a Non-Candidate For Degree or NCFD (if you choose to complete a master’s level program at a later date you will need to reapply to a specific program)
    • Additional information about Graduate School can be found:
  • Those who already hold a Wisconsin teacher's license have automatic admission to the College of Education and Professional Studies.


  • Students will be allowed to register only after the following have been completed and returned to Lucy. Please send all forms together in one mailing, if possible:
    • Program Plan (with student’s name inserted), attached to this email and/or on website
    • Copies of transcripts and teaching license
    • The above materials are due no later than May 15th.
    • The Practicum Application can be sent in separately but requires signatures, so originals need to be mailed by June 1st, The practicum application is attached to this email and/or on website (video forms must be mailed as soon as the summer practicum starts)
  • Students must pass all courses in order to be recommended for the add on license


Courses students will take in the summer of 2020 include:                

  • EARLYCHD 711, Early Childhood Education: From Theory to Practice – Three Credits (Graded)
    A study of the historical and theoretical foundations, current models and practices, and significant research regarding early childhood education.
  • EARLYCHD 713, Trends in Curriculum for the Preschool/Primary Child – Three Credits (Graded)
    This course is designed to give students sufficient skills to develop, implement and evaluate curriculum for children from ages 3-8.
  • EARLYCHD 714, Current Issues in Early Childhood Education – Three Credits (Graded)
    Identification of significant issues and consideration of research having an impact on emerging trends as well as current practices in early childhood education.
  • CIFLD 793, Practicum (Elementary) – Three Credits (Register Pass/Fail)
    Prereq: Graduate status, application and interview, completion of 9 credits at UW-Whitewater, and designated curriculum check sheet requirements (Not to be used for first-time certification.)


Some possible questions:

  • Why must all classes be taken during the summer of 2020?
    • Although there are four separate courses – there will be a Canvas site where all of the information for all of the classes will be found.  All assignments will integrate the content from all of the courses and all of the courses will be team taught by two instructors.  Each course will be assigned specific assignments so that grading will be possible but otherwise, it is the instructors’ hope that the courses will be seamless.  If a student only takes one, the online discussions and assignments may be difficult to complete.
  • I am very interested in this add-on licensure but I am not able to do it this summer – will it be offered again in 2021?
    • Whether or not this will be offered in 2021 will be based on interest and the current early childhood education faculty in the College of Education.  The decision to offer or not offer this add-on license in the summer of 2021 will be determined in spring of 2021.
  • Can these courses be taken at the undergraduate level?
    • These courses are being offered only at the graduate level because of the intensity and rigor of the course work.  This level of work would not be appropriate for undergraduate students.  If students wish to take the Early Childhood classes (at the undergraduate level) this can be arranged but it would be a minimum of 27 credits and would take at least a full year of study to complete.  Additionally, the cost of this graduate add on licensure program is a savings of a $4,000-$5,000.
    • To find out the cost (or estimated cost depending on when you check) for twelve graduate credits at UW-Whitewater, please go to:
  • I am interested in the add-on licensure but can I also use these courses toward a Master’s Degree?
    • Yes, the twelve credits can be applied to the Master’s of Science: Professional Studies in Education in the Curriculum and Instruction Department. The core courses are listed below:


CIGENRL 723, Issues, Perspectives & Directions: A Professional Seminar in Education (3 credits)

EDFOUND 780, Reading, Analyzing and Evaluating Educational Research (3 credits)

EDUINDP 724, Planning for Change: Seminar in Research, Practice and Voice (2 credits)

EDUINDP 726, Capstone Advising I: Project Planning and Review of Literature (1 credit)

EDUINDP 727, Capstone Advising II: Data Collection and Analysis (1 credit)

EDUINDP 789, Capstone Project Seminar (2 credits)

Additional Courses in Content Area to Reach a Minimum of 30 Credits (to be decided upon in conjunction with advisor, minimum of six credits needed):

  • CIGENRL 770, Supervision of Student Teachers (3 credits)
  • COMDIS 555, Language Development and Disorders in Children (3 credits)
  • EDFOUND 675, Understanding and Dealing with Disruptive Behaviors (3 credits)
  • EDUINDP 790*, Individualizing Inclusion through Consultation in ECE (3 credits)
  • SPECED 560, Behavior Management for the Inclusive Classroom (3 credits)
  • SPECED 576*, Medical Aspects of Disabilities (3 credits)
  • SPECED 626, Intro to Individualized Diagnostic Assessment of EEN (3 credits)
  • SPECED 682, 683, 684, Current Topics in Spec Ed – Summer Institute (3 credits)

*=online courses

Additional Information about the MSE-PS can be found at:



  • Can I complete the entire MSE-PS online?
    • At this point several of the core courses for the MSE-PS are online or will be offered online.  Those courses with an * under “additional courses in content area” are courses that are currently being offered online.


  • What do I do once I receive passing grades on all four courses to obtain my additional license?
    • Please see the COEPS licensure program website for links to explain the process of applying for a teaching licensure.
    • Please take the time to review all of the materials and if you can’t find your answer, please email Jillian Smith (College of Education Licensing Officer) at


The only way that a student can take these courses is after Lucy Heimer has granted approval.  If interested, please start the paperwork now and submit your materials ASAP.  The first day that students will be given permission to enroll is May 8th, 2020

  • Students will be sent an email when all of the required paperwork has been received, reviewed and approved
    • Program Plan (attached)
    • Practicum Application (attached), signatures required
  • Students will be sent an email when they can register for the four classes (May 8th at the earliest).  Please note that this add on program is limited to fifteen students (there must be a minimum number of students registered to offer the courses) and priority for registering will be determined when the required paperwork is submitted to Lucy.


Questions regarding this add on license should be directed to Lucy Heimer (


Please email a digital copy of your application to:


Please mail originals to:

Summer Program Add-on ECE

Lucinda Heimer


4039 Winther Hall

800 West Main Street

Whitewater, WI  53190