Alternative Education

MSEPD Alt ed coursework

Alternative EducationThe traditional school environment is becoming less effective for an increasing number of students. Reality shows this is especially true for at-risk, vulnerable and disengaged students. In response, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has designated a specific license endorsement for educators working in alternative educational settings or attempting to adapt methods and curriculum within regular school settings. Alternative education specialists work with school districts to develop programs for "last chance" students, including jail OR detentions-based education, credit acceleration, behavior-focused programs, or simply the opportunity to come back to school and graduate. To assist teachers in recognizing and developing the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to work in alternative education, the Curriculum & Instruction Department at UW-Whitewater offers a sequence of courses leading to the Alternative Education (952) license.

The AEPL Program consists of three three-credit online courses. The courses are scheduled so the program can be completed online in one summer.

If you have additional questions regarding the Alternative Education program at UW-Whitewater, you may email Anne Stinson