Early Adolescence through Adolescence (6-12)

There are five major categories of requirements:

  1. PI 34 licensure courses
  2. Major in English Education
  3. Professional Education Program
  4. Praxis II test
  5. Portfolio

The specific requirements for each category are as follows:


The 36-unit English Education major includes the following content especially intended for teachers in middle and high schools.

  1. British and American literature of various periods
  2. Language study
  3. Current Theories of Composition for Teachers
  4. Shakespeare
  5. Literature for Adolescents
  6. Literature by representative authors of American Minorities
  7. Criticism

Students seeking licensure in another subject via completion of an approved major in that subject can qualify for licensure in English by completing a minor in English Education (24 units) instead of a major. See the program coordinator to determine allowable major-minor combinations for licensure.

Consult your Academic Advisement Report (AAR) and the Undergraduate Catalog for the specific degree requirements. The information on this page is for orientation purposes only and may not represent the most recent requirements of the College of Letters and Sciences or the College of Education & Professional Studies.

Professional Education

  1. Foundations Block. Prerequisites are passing 2 parts of the PPST and GPA of 2.75 and permission of the Educational Foundations department. 
    Course number Course title Units Prerequisites
    EDFOUND 243 Foundations of Education in a Pluralistic Society 3  
    EDFOUND 212 Educational Psychology 3  
    EDFNDPRC 210 Introduction to Education and Teaching 3  
  2. Education Courses
    SPECED  205 Introduction to Special Education 3 None
    EDFOUND 425 Measurement and Evaluation - Secondary 3 Adm. to Prof. Ed
    SECNDED 466 Literacy in the Disciplines 3 Adm. to Prof. Ed
  3. Methods Block
    SECNDED 426 Methods of Teaching English 3 Adm. to Prof. Ed
    SECNDED 460 Field Study Seminar 3 SECNDED  426 (corequisite)
    CIFLD 402 or 404 Alternate Directed Teaching  2 SECNDED  426 (corequisite )

Praxis II

All students must pass the appropriate Praxis II test to be eligible for licensure. The test must be passed by the deadline established by the College of Education and Professional Studies before a student can receive a student teaching placement.


Students must complete the appropriate College of Education and Professional Studies Portfolio for each phase of the licensure program to be eligible to continue in the program and obtain the license. The edTPA is completed by all student teachers effective with the 2014-15 academic year.


  1. Methods of Teaching English (SECNDED 426/626) is offered in the fall semester only.
  2. One student teaching experience must be completed at the middle level and the other must be completed at the high-school level. Students who choose to complete the 18-week, full-time student teaching experience at the high-school level must complete field study/alternate directed teaching during methods block at the middle level (CIFLD 414 preceded by CIFLD 402); those who opt to do 18-weeks of student teaching at the middle level must do field study/alternate directed teaching at the high-school level (CIFLD 412 preceded by CIFLD 404). All applicants for licensure must have a field experience at both levels. 
  3. Field Study Seminar (SECNDED 460) and Alternate Directed Teaching (CIFLD 402 or 404) are both done together as one practicum in one school; they are listed as separate courses for arcane reasons.
  4. Students must pass all required methods courses with a grade of C or better and must pass the appropriate Praxis II test by the college deadline to be eligible for a student teaching placement.
  5. Students are encouraged to enroll in two optional courses, CIGENRL 489 Employment Strategies (either during student teaching or the semester immediately before) and CIGENRL 470 Student Teaching Seminar (during student teaching). Students are advised not to enroll in any other course work during the student teaching semester.
  6. Applicants for English licensure who already hold a teaching license must complete the requirements for the English Education Major, the Methods course (SECNDED 426), a Field Study or Practicum at UW-Whitewater, the College of Education & Professional Studies Portfolio, and the appropriate Praxis II test, but are not required to do a full semester of Directed Teaching
  7. Applicants for English licensure who already hold a BA degree with a major in English, and who are seeking a first teaching license, must meet the requirements for PI34, Professional Education, Praxis II, and the College of Education and Professional Studies Portfolio. See the Program Coordinator for a personalized program plan based on the specific content of major course work completed.

If you have addtional questions about the English licensure program at UW-Whitewater after reviewing our website, you may email englished@uww.edu

Program Coordinator:

John Zbikowski
Winther Hall Room 3037