Secondary Mathematics Program

Congratulations on your decision to consider a career as a licensed mathematics teacher for middle level or high school level learners. The UW-W secondary mathematics education program is composed of a series of courses, experiences, and performance assessments. Upon successful completion, we endorse you for a Wisconsin Initial Teaching License in Mathematics (400) at the Early Adolescence-Adolescence (EA-A) Level.

The secondary mathematics education program

Program requirements are in 3 categories:

PI 34 General Education courses
Professional Education

Program Components:

The specific requirements for each category are as follows:

PI 34 General Education courses

UW-W Students who are declared a Mathematics Education (BSE degree candidates) will meet these requirements as they appear on the Academic Advising Report (ARR). Transfer students and students who have a BA or BS from another institution should meet with an advisor to determine whether or not they have completed these requirements. For more information see PI 34 General Education for Licensure.

  1. Composition (English 101,102)
  2. Oral Communication (COMM 110)
  3. Math 140 or 141 or waiver
  4. Physical Science
  5. Biological Science
  6. Social Studies (Gen Ed 130)
  7. Western History or Contemporary Culture (Gen Ed 390 World of Ideas)
  8. Non-Western History or Contemporary Culture (Gen Ed 120 or 140)
  9. Fine Arts (Gen Ed 110 World of Arts)


The 39-unit Secondary Mathematics Education major includes the following content especially intended for teachers in middle and high schools. The link to the Major program information is at

  • Mathematics Classes 39 units
  • Calculus & Analytic Geometry I (Math 253) 5 units
  • Calculus & Analytic Geometry II (Math 254)  5 units
  • Calculus & Analytic Geometry III (Math 255) 3 units            
  • Discrete Mathematics (Math 280) 3 units
  • Introduction to Analysis (Math 301) 3 units
  • Matrices & Linear Algebra (Math 355) 3 units            
  • Intro to Abstract Algebra (Math 452) 3 units
  • College Geometry (Math 353) 5 units            
  • Math Modeling & Statistics (Math 359) 3 units
  • Math for HS Teachers I (Math 421) 3 units
  • Math for HS Teachers II (Math 422) 3 units

The major also has a required writing course

  • Advanced Writing ENG 370 or 372 - 3 units

Consult your Academic Advising Report (ARR) and the Undergraduate Catalog for the specific degree requirements. The information on this page is for orientation purposes only and may not represent the most recent requirements of the College of Letters and Sciences or the College of Education & Professional Studies.

Professional Education

  1. Pre-professional Foundations Block. Prerequisites are passing 2 parts of the PPST and GPA of 2.75 and permission of the Educational Foundations department. 

    Course number

    Course title



    EDFOUND 243

    Foundations of Education in a Pluralistic Society



    EDFOUND 212

    Educational Psychology



    EDFNDPRC 210

    Introduction to Education and Teaching



  2. Education Courses

    SPECED 205

    Introduction to Special Education



    EDFOUND 425

    Measurement and Evaluation


    Adm. to Prof. Ed

    SECNDED 466

    Literacy Strategies for Content-Area Teachers


    Adm. to Prof. Ed

  3. Methods Block

    SECNDED 428

    Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School (note: offered in fall term only)


    Adm. to Prof. Ed

    CIFLD 492

    Field Study - Mathematics


    SECNDED 428

    CIFLD 402 or 404

    Alternate Directed Teaching 


    SECNDED 428

  4. Student Teaching

    CIFLD 412 or 414

    Directed Teaching



  5. Electives (recommended)

    SECNDED 472

    Middle Level STEM Methods


    see instructor

    CIGEN 470

    Student Teaching Seminar



    CIGEN 489

    Employment Strategies



Praxis II

All students may need to pass the appropriate Praxis II test to be eligible for licensure, depending on a subset of their GPA. If applicable, the test must be passed by the deadline established by the College of Education and Professional Studies before a student can receive a student teaching placement. For more Praxis II and other test information please see Test Information.

Portfolio Performance Assessment

Students must complete the appropriate College of Education and Professional Studies Portfolio for each phase of the licensure program to be eligible to continue in the program and obtain the license.

edTPA is a new performance assessment test that will be used to determine eligibility for Wisconsin licensure. See program coordinator for more information on the specific dates that it is required.


Students seeking licensure in another subject via completion of an approved major in that subject can qualify for licensure in Mathematics by completing a minor in Secondary Mathematics Education (24 units) instead of a major. Information on the minor is available at

See the program coordinator to determine allowable major-minor combinations for licensure.

If you already have a Bachelor's degree and the required mathematics major or minor we offer a Post-Baccalaureate pathway to licensure. Please see the program coordinator to determine a personal plan for licensure that is takes into consideration the program requirements and your previous preparation.

Wisconsin also offers 2 additional pathways to licensure in mathematics. For more information go to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction educator licensing website

If you have further questions regarding the Math Licensure program at UW-Whitewater, you may email