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Social Studies

This website is intended to help you better understand the Secondary Social Studies Licensure Program at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Use the sidebar menu to navigate the Social Studies Licensure Program site.

The next step in learning about the Social Science program is to use the sidebar to navigate to the following pages or click on one of the following links:

  1. Teacher Licensing
  2. General Program Information
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  4. Content Programs/Options
  5. Program Sequence

Please note that information here is to aid in your understanding of the program, but it is not legally binding. Students should consult the course catalog, their Academic Advisement Report (AAR), and other formal University-sponsored resources.

If you have questions about the Secondary Social Studies Licensure program at UW-Whitewater and have not been admitted to Professional Education or to the Secondary Social Studies Program, please contact the Education Advising Center (262.472.1101, ). To help them best meet your needs, please complete the appropriate survey identified by your status below.

If you have been admitted to professional education and have additional questions after reviewing the information on our site you may email

Thank you,

Dr. James Hartwick