For a downloadable form to help you track your progress through the entire Social Studies Licensure program, please select "Undergraduate Social Studies Advising Checklist."

All secondary social studies students should have two advisors: (1) faculty advisor in the content area or area of the broadfield emphasis - College of Letters & Sciences (2) social studies program coordinator (licensure advisor) - College of Education & Professional Studies.

Consult with both advisors on a regular basis. While the content area advisors and social studies program coordinator make every effort to understand the intricacies of each other's programs, they are not experts in each other's fields. Thus, it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure that you have received the best advising in your content area/area of broadfield emphasis by consulting your advisor in that discipline AND that you have received the best advising in your education program by consulting the social studies program coordinator, i.e., your licensure advisor.

If you do not have a content area advisor, or if you do not know who your content area advisor is, contact the content area department office.