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Aphasia Clinic

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Communication Sciences & Disorders
Cody Marie Busch, M.S., CCC-SLP

What is Aphasia?

Aphasia is a disorder that results from damage to language centers of the brain. For almost all right-handers and for about 1/2 of left-handers, damage to the left side of the brain causes aphasia. As a result, individuals who were previously able to communicate through speaking, listening, reading and writing become more limited in their ability to do so. The most common cause of aphasia is stroke, but traumatic brain injury, brain tumor, and other sources of brain damage can also cause aphasia.

Education and Training

The group treatment model at the university clinic embraces a positive quality of life. Our graduate students have been instrumental in contributing to the significant changes in the ability of group members to communicate and to develop, regain and enhance social relationships and quality of life.

Aphasia Group Treatment Mission

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Communication Sciences & Disorders


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Loneliness Reconnection
Isolation Companionship
Grief Joy
Loss of identity Claiming "I"
Dependency Freedom
Stress Self care
Realization of chronicity Resourcefulness

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Family Support

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