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Core Faculty

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      Education: Ph.D. - Educational Psychology, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale with an emphasis on Counselor Education and Supervision

      Certification and Licenses: Licensed Professional Counselor in Wisconsin, Nationally Certified Counselor

      Clinical Areas of Interest: LGBT* issues in counseling, anxiety, depression, group counseling approaches, mental health crisis intervention/counseling, trauma informed care, religion and spirituality

      Research Areas of Interest: Alternative pedagogical methods for learning, group counseling, qualitative research approaches, religious identity/sexual orientation identity conflict, LGBT* issues in counseling, religion and spirituality

      Service Work - University/Community/Profession: Editorial Board for the Journal for Specialists in Group Work, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Chancellor's Task Force on LGBT* Issues, College of Education Committees, Counseling Department Committees

      Teaching Philosophy: I see learning initially from a developmental perspective where students need the opportunity to gain the foundational knowledge needed at their developmental level. However, I believe foundational knowledge is not enough and deeper learning occurs through the process of being critical thinkers, evaluators, and constructing personal meaning of the knowledge students are acquiring. Deeper learning involves taking risks and offering students a safe environment in which they can challenge the material, challenge each other, and challenge myself as their instructor. I strive to create a safe space in the classroom where support and challenge are balanced and the voices of all my students can be heard. I believe that the application of knowledge is the final important step in the learning process as knowledge for its own sake is not enough. Learning is a lifelong process and engaging in the learning of becoming a counselor is just the first step in that process. Finally, learning is not just about academic learning and perhaps even more important learning includes self learning and committing to enhance your own personal growth and development.

      Interests Outside of School: Biking, hiking, running, racquetball, video games, spending time with family and friends, spontaneous road trips, traveling

      Favorite Quotes: "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

      "Life presents us with challenges and opportunities for growth when we least expect it or want it. We can rise to the occasion, embrace this growth opportunity, and commit to the journey life has offered or we can choose to remain trapped in the creation of our own stagnation." ~ C.L.A.


    • Education:
      Ph.D.- Counselor Education and Supervision, Northern Illinois University

      Certification and Licenses: Licensed Professional Counselor in Illinois (LPC-IL), Illinois PEL (IL-PEL), National Certified Counselor (NCC)

      Clinical Areas of Interest: Attachment theory in counseling

      Research Areas of Interest: School counselor professional identity, ASCA model as a framework for working in a multicultural context, and working with children's mental health

      Service Work - University/Community/Profession: All departmental committees, curriculum committee

      Teaching Philosophy: I would describe my teaching philosophy as constructivist through a collaborative approach. From this perspective, I see: 1) teaching and learning as processes, which occur simultaneously for my students and me. Therefore, in the teaching space, I am not the expert merely a professional co-participant learner with students who are active contributors to the learning process. 2) Dialogue and discussion promote a romance for learning, and are essential components to the continual creation of knowledge, development of critical thinking, increased self-awareness, and understanding of others worldview. 3) Experiential learning, though anxiety provoking, supports the translation of theory to practice and promotes students’ ability to, engage in creative/critical thinking and practice, cope with ambiguity, and learn ethical practice.

      Interests Outside of School: Reading non-fiction and fictional works, travel, listening to different genres of music

      Favorite Quotes:  "Those whose palm kernels were cracked for them by a benevolent spirit should not forget to be humble." Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart

      "In diversity there is beauty and there is strength." Maya Angelou


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      Education:Ph.D. - Counselor Education and Supervision, Northern Illinois University

      Certification and Licenses:Licensed Professional Counselor in Wisconsin, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Illinois, Nationally Certified Counselor

      Clinical Areas of Interest:Individual and family counseling, depression, anxiety, ADHD, anger, family conflict

      Research Areas of Interest:Personal guiding theory development of students and counselors, Integration of faith and counseling, Supervision relationships, and How relationships within the classroom affect learning

      Service Work - University/Community/Profession: Studio 84 Volunteer, College of Education Committees, Association for Humanistic Counseling (AHC), North Central Association for Counselor Educators and Supervisors (NCACES)

      Teaching Philosophy:My teaching philosophy is a combination of constructivist and humanistic approaches that utilizes a variety of techniques such as short lectures, small group discussions and experiential activities. I see myself as a facilitator of learning both inside and outside the classroom. My focus is for students to construct their own meaning of the material, think critically about what they are learning, and discover how to apply what they have learned in real life situations. In counseling, I believe that a positive relationship creates an environment that facilitates change. I also believe this is the case in the classroom where I try to create an environment that facilitates learning.

      Interests Outside of School:Photography, Reading, Walking in nature, Painting and coloring, Spending time with family and friends, playing with my nieces and nephews, exploring Wisconsin

      Favorite Quotes: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." ~ Lao Tzu

      "A constructive view of human experience is one that emphasizes meaningful action by a developing self in relationship." ~ Michael J. Mahoney


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      Education: Ph.D. - Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Human Development, University of Wisconsin-Madison and M.Ed - Counseling, Boston University

      Certification and Licenses: Licensed School Counselor

      Clinical Areas of Interest: Student risk and resilience, school counselor development, Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS)

      Research Areas of Interest: Disproportionality in discipline and special education, PBIS, student, family, and school engagement, systemic role delineation in schools, culturally responsive practice, creating effective student support teams

      Service Work - University/Community/Profession: Assessment Committee, PBIS Tier 2 Coach, Wisconsin School Counselor Association (WSCA), American School Counselor Association (ASCA), American Educational Research Association (AERA), Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES), and Editor for Corwin Press

      Teaching Philosophy: My philosophy of teaching is grounded in the facilitation of student engagement in all learning environments. As such, I strive to create open and inviting classroom settings where all students feel they have a voice. Much of my philosophy is grounded in the theory of self-system processes (Connell & Wellborn, 1991), which focuses on the importance of autonomy, involvement and structure on individual connection engagement in different contexts. In essence, this theoretical framework asserts that engagement results from an individual feeling a sense of autonomy, feeling connected to the environment, and feeling a sense of competence in a given environment.

      I truly believe, as much as possible, learning should be interactive. Thus, I vary the format of my teaching to allow students to connect to me, both as an individual and an instructor, the course material, as well as other students in the course. Further, I encourage students to make connections between course material and the diversity contained within the world at large. I enjoy bringing new perspectives and ways of thinking to the courses I teach. I take a constructivist approach by which students learn through their own construction of knowledge. Throughout, I encourage students to make connections between the course material and their own lives and experiences all while ensuring they take an active role in their learning.

      Interests Outside of School: Reading, spending time with family and friends, yoga

      Favorite Quote:

      "Come to the edge.
      We might fall.
      Come to the edge
      It’s too high.

      Come to the edge.
      And they came 
      And he pushed 
      And they flew."

      ~ Christopher Logue


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    • Education:
       Ph.D. - Counseling Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

      Certification and Licenses: Licensed Psychologist

      Clinical Areas of Interest: Gender issues, anxiety, relationship issues, group counseling approaches, college student development, vitality/stress, positive psychology, eating disorders

      Research Areas of Interest: College student development, Group counseling, Qualitative research approaches, Supervision, Teaching effectiveness, Teaching, Learning, Professional vitality, Gender issues, and Leadership

      Service Work - University/Community: Nursing Home Visitation Program, Intentional Acts of Kindness, Peer Coach for university faculty, College of Education Committees, WACES, Optimists, WCPA Legislative Liaison, Editorial Board, Wisconsin Counseling Journal

      Teaching Philosophy: Because I see learning as a process of constructing personal meaning, teaching is one part of the interaction that facilitates such constructions. Teaching and learning are active and interactive experiences, that allow and encourage students to take risks, to build on present understanding, and to develop new meanings. Teaching and learning happen in safe places, where support and challenge are balanced and available to all learners. In the field of counseling (and perhaps all fields), the application of knowledge is much more important than knowledge for its own sake. Teaching and learning are as much about questions as answers. Learning to ask good questions helps us become lifelong learners. Learning to be effective counselors and therapists is necessarily a lifelong process; this program is one significant part of that lifelong journey.

      Interests Outside of School: Horses, biking, gardening, sewing, swimming, spending time with family and friends, writing, baking

      Favorite Quote: "Perhaps what is most important is to count, to matter, to stand for something, to make some difference that I have lived at all." ~ Leo Rosten

Adjunct Faculty


    • Education:
      MS, Guidance and Counseling, UW-Whitewater 1984

      Certification and Licenses: Licensed Clinical Social Worker; National Certified Counselor, EMDR Certified Therapist, Brainspotting Certified Therapist

      Clinical Areas of Interest: Neurobiology of Trauma and Healing in the context of Clinical Attunement and Resourcing. Ongoing consultation and training.

      Interests: Travel, reading, horses, and learning

      Favorite Word: Grace

      Favorite Quote:  "The sun will come up tomorrow." - Joe Fouts


    • Education:
      B.S. Guidance and Counseling, UW-Whitewater; BSW Loras College. Two-year post-graduate supervision in marital and family therapy.

      Certification and Licenses: Licensed Professional Counselor

      Clinical Areas of Interest: Family therapy and family systems; suicide risk assessments; working with culturally diverse populations; trauma work and attachment; debriefings of traumatic events; mental health issues in correctional settings; and working with those who are incarcerated.

      Teaching Philosophy: My teaching approach involves facilitating open discussions and questions, while encouraging students to critically examine clinical situations and themselves in their work. In addition, I believe that there is value in sharing my own personal experiences with case examples from my clinical work so that students are mindful of things that they need to be aware of. I want students to take a close look at themselves so that they can understand how their own self-care impacts the clients we serve, the personal biases that we bring into our work, and to fully understand that learning and clinical consultation is a never-ending process that continues throughout one's entire career. I believe the counseling field is all about relationships and relationship building. It is only by understanding ourselves first that we are able to become the counselor that we want in order to best help our clients.

      Interests Outside of School: Spending time with my wife and our six kids as well as our friends; traveling, camping, downhill skiing, reading, and attending Major and Minor League baseball games.

      Favorite Word: Gratitude

      Favorite Quote:  “True goodness comes from your being, not from your doing. That is why we are called human beings.”


Administrative Staff


    • Education:
      M.S. - Counseling, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

      Interests Outside of School: Family, gardening, community, futbol

      Favorite Quote:  "A beautiful woman uses her lips for truth, her voice for kindness, her ears for compassion, her hands for charity, and her heart for love. For those who don't like her, she uses prayer." ~Anonymous


    • Education:
      BA - Journalism and Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; MA - Teaching, Aurora University

      Interests Outside of School: Family, friends and photography, reading, writing, and road trips.

      Favorite Quote:  "Talk about a dream, try to make it real." ~Bruce Springsteen

Graduate Assistants


    • Year in Program:
      Second Year

      Emphasis: Clinical Mental Health Counseling

      Education: B.A. - Psychology and Spanish, Minor in Spanish Language Interpretation and Translation, Cardinal Stritch University

      Career Aspirations: To work with First Generation students to provide support through both education and mental health stability.

      Interests Outside of School: Hanging out with friends and family, volleyball, baking, self care days, watching Netflix, astrology, and playing with my pet turtle Leo.

      Favorite Quote:  "You do not just wake up and become the butterfly - growth is a process" – Rupi Kaur


    • Year in Program:
      Second Year

      Emphasis: Clinical Mental Health Counseling

      Education: B.A. - Advertising, with a Minor in Communication Studies and a certificate in Diversity and Leadership from Iowa State University.

      Career Aspirations: In my mind I have a little bit of two paths: One, to work as an LPC at a higher ed institution or work as a crisis/trauma counselor through an agency.

      Interests Outside of School: I'm a florist on the side, but also love kayaking, reading, making things with my hands, coffee with friends and hanging out with our foster pups!

      Favorite Quote:  “A ship is always safe a shore, but that is not what it's built for." - Albert Einstein


    • Year in Program:
      Third Year

      Emphasis: Clinical Mental Health Counseling with electives in Alcohol and other Drug Counseling

      Education: BA- Psychology, Painting, and Art History, St. Ambrose University

      Career Aspirations: To work with clients struggling with addiction and trauma and incorporate art into my field of work.

      Interests Outside of School: Painting, photography, running, biking, attending rock and alternative concerts, and spending time with those I love.

      Favorite Quote:  “I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” – Vincent Van Gogh


    • Year in Program:
      Third Year

      Emphasis: Clinical Mental Health Counseling

      Education: B.S. – Neuroscience with a minor in American Sign Language, University of St. Thomas

      Career Aspirations: My dream is to combine my personal experience and love for Deaf culture by becoming a counselor that specializes in working with Deaf teenagers.

      Interests Outside of School: I love to garden, play piano and guitar, do puzzles, read, play with my puppy, and spend time with family and friends.

      Favorite Quote:  “When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure." – Peter Marshall


    • Year in Program:
      First Year

      Emphasis: School Counseling

      Education: B.S. – Early Childhood Education from DePaul University

      Career Aspirations: High School Counselor, College Academic Advisor, Pre-Collegiate Program Coordinator

      Interests Outside of School: Spending time with family, trying new foods/trying different pizza places, spending time outdoors (hiking, running), working out, reading, learning about different cultures.

      Favorite Quote:  “ “You are never strong enough that you don’t need help.” – Cesar Chavez

Emeriti Faculty


    • Education:
       Ph.D. - Counseling Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

        Certification and Licenses: Nationally Certified Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor in Wisconsin, Nationally Certified Career Development Facilitato

      Clinical Areas of Interest: Self-esteem, self-efficacy, relationship issues, career counseling, effect of work and leisure on mental health from a lifespan perspective, multicultural issues in counseling and clinical supervision, developmentally-based counseling issues (particularly for students in post-secondary institutions)

      Research Areas of Interest: Career development, effect of work on mental health (especially for culturally diverse populations), multicultural issues in counseling and clinical supervision

      Service Work – University/Community: UW-Whitewater Graduate Council, College of Education and Department Committees, served two three-year terms on the National Career Development Quarterly Editorial Board, Reviewer for the National Career Development Association of Professional Competency Standards, Ad Hoc Reviewer for the Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development, Reviewer for higher education textbooks in career development and multicultural counseling, and volunteered counseling services to couples at a local church

      Teaching Philosophy: My approach to teaching is student-centered. I believe it is important to empower and challenge students to actively take responsibility for their learning. My role is that of a facilitator, providing an inviting and supportive environment that recognizes and respects students’ views while encouraging critical thinking and risk taking to foster growth. I enjoy traveling down the “learning lane” with my students.

      Interests Outside of School: Leisure reading, Listening to music, Dancing, Traveling, and Public/international affairs

      Favorite Quote: “Be yourself and love yourself.” ~ Anonymous


    • Education:
       Ed.D. - Counselor Education, University of Maine

        Certification and Licenses: Licensed Psychologist, Nationally Certified Counselor, Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Master Addiction Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor

      Clinical Areas of Interest: Domestic violence/anger management, Chemical dependency, and Trauma

      Research Areas of Interest: Process of becoming a counselor, anger management, trauma, chemical dependency, and childhood maltreatment

      Service Work:  UW-Whitewater Graduate Exceptions Committee, President of Wisconsin Association of Counselor Education and Supervision

      Teaching Philosophy: I want students to understand that counselor education is a lifelong process. We help provide a knowledge base, a foundation for what really is an evolutionary process. In counseling there are very few hard facts it is as much art as it is science.

      Interests Outside of School: Running, soccer, music, swimming, biking

      Favorite Quote: “"So often times it happens...that we live our lives in chains. And we never even know we have the key." ~ D. Henley