Teaching in a Diverse Society Credential


Course Information:

This Credential must be completed in sequence, and can be completed over two semesters. Classes are each eight weeks long and online. Due to the nature of the content of these courses, will be weekly synchronous discussions, meaning all students will need to log in on the same day and time, utilizing technology available through our Canvas system. The instructor and students will work out a mutually agreed upon schedule for these discussions.

How to Apply:

  • apply to UW-Whitewater as a Special Student ( click here to download instructions)
  • once accepted, use information sent by Admissions office to establish a password and use that to log into campus e-mail for future correspondences
  • using the ID given and password selected, log into their WINS account and accept the “Terms and Conditions” for enrolling on our campus
  • email lenchoc@uww.edu and riversc@uww.edu with your name, UW-W ID number (will be on their acceptance letter), and the name of the course(s) you wish to be take


Course 1: Building a Foundation for Understanding Diversity – Spring 2020 – first 8 weeks
This course will require students to explore the historical context of racism and discrimination, reflect deeply on their own identity, culture, intersectionality and biases, and begin to consider steps they can take toward growth. 

Course 2: Building on the Assets of Families and Cultures – Spring 2020 – last 8 weeks
Throughout this course, students will learn about how to build on the assets of diverse families. They will learn how to engage families while respecting their different backgrounds, welcome families and solicit their involvement so teachers and families can work collaboratively in the best interest of their child.

Course 3 - Culturally Appropriate Interactions and Guidance – Fall 2020 – first 8 weeks
Throughout this course, students will learn about culturally appropriate interactions and guidance for young children.   Students will explore their own biases; reflect on their intentional and unintentional beliefs that lead to their responses when working with children from backgrounds different from their own.  Students will also begin to recognize the disparity of equity that may impart a cumulative emotional and historical trauma across generations while learning how to interact and guide children that may be affected by such.

Course 4 - Authentic Curriculum that connects with Children (Capstone) – Fall 2020 – last 8 weeks
Throughout this course, students will learn about the importance of creating curriculum that connects with children from diverse backgrounds. Students will also explore their role as leaders in the classroom and their program in creating a culturally competent environment for children and families. Students will create a capstone project as a summative assessment intended to demonstrate and display what they have learned throughout the four courses comprising this credential.


Contact us, if you have any other questions
Carmen Rivers
ECCE Program Coordinator