Listed below are the official descriptions for the gifted education courses. Individuals interested in other UW - Whitewater courses (such as those required for the MSE-PD) should reference the official MSE-PD page.

Course Descriptions

  1. EDFOUND 781 (UWW) OR EDUC 791 (UWSP) - Foundations of Gifted and Talented Education
    • EDFOUND 781: This course is an overview of the history and current research on giftedness and talent. Development, characteristics, and individual learning differences of students with gifts and talents will be explored, as will educational strategies and program options in gifted/talented education. Readings will emphasize multicultural issues at local, state, national, and international levels.
    • EDUC 791: See link above.

  2. EDFOUND 782 (UWW) - Psychological Issues in Gifted Education
    This course addresses psychology and giftedness: cognitive and motivational characteristics and development of gifted children; social-emotional issues of gifted students and counseling research; and identification, diversity, assessment, and evaluation related to gifted students and gifted programs. Readings include current research and practice in working with gifted students.

  3. EDUC 792 (UWSP) or EDFOUND 783 (UWW) - Curriculum Methods for Teaching Students with Gifts and Talents
    Curriculum methods for identified students with gifts/talents in specialized programs. Curriculum differentiation and instructional strategies/techniques for students with gifts/talents in general classroom. Integration of cognitive/affective domains and creative/critical thinking skills. Collaboration techniques. Planning of the Differentiated Program Plan. Professional and ethical teaching practice. 

  4. EDUC 795 (UWSP) or EDFOUND 784 (UWW) - Practicum in Teaching Students with Gifts and Talents
    Observe educational programming for, plan instruction of appropriate learning experiences for, and teach students with gifts/talents using specifically designed methodologies. Program and self-evaluation.

  5. EDFOUND 785 (UWW) – Coordinating Gifted Education Programs and Services
    Students will understand, analyze, and apply the administrative, legal, educational, and advocacy issues involved in coordinating district-level gifted and talented education programming. Students will develop a practicum project in their own district while working with one or more experienced gifted program coordinators. 

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