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Undergraduate Degree

The first step to enroll as an undergraduate in library media courses is to gain admission to UW-Whitewater. The Office of Admissions provides information on the requirements and an online application form.

School Library Minors

You can begin taking undergraduate library media courses near the beginning of your undergraduate career at UW-Whitewater, although it is advisable to start after you have started taking education courses in the Foundations block for school library minors. This will give you some background in teaching and learning that will benefit you in the library media coursework. Library media courses are at the 300 and 400 level which assume junior and senior status. Two courses have prerequisites:  LIBMEDIA 440 (Information Literacy) requires that you have taken at least one methods course before enrolling and LIBMEDIA 455 (Librarians as Leaders) requires that you have taken LIBMEDIA 454 (Library Administration) first. Work with your undergraduate advisor to set up a program of study that will fit your eight library media courses and two practicum experiences into your program.  You must complete your student teaching before you do the two library media practicum experiences. The College of Education website provides information on admission to professional education  .

Public Library Minors

Library science minors may take the seven required library media courses at any time during their college careers. The 3-credit practicum is part of the minor and required for graduation. Prerequisites for the practicum are LIBMEDIA 350, 351, 451, and 454, but it is recommended that all library courses be finished before the practicum.

Undergraduate Special Student

Students may take licensure courses not as part of a degree at the undergraduate level as a special student full credentials. If you are taking two courses in a semester and one is a graduate level course, you will be charged graduate tuition for both courses.  This is also the route you will take if working on an initial 1902 license at the post-baccalaureate level.  Follow this process:

  1. Complete the College of Education and Professional Studies survey for post-baccalaureate students.  This will ask for unofficial transcripts.
  2. Apply to UW Whitewater as a special student full credentials at This will ask for official transcripts from all places you have taken college courses.
    • Create an account.
    • Choose UW Whitewater.
    • Choose your level of high school and post-secondary education.
    • Choose Certification/Licensure at the undergraduate level. 
    • Choose Special Student Full Credentials. 
    • Choose School Library Media Specialist Licensure (1902) [COEPS] * Field of Study under Education-Related Studies.
    • Choose the term you want to enter.
    • Complete the remainder of the application.
  3. If planning to take the hybrid courses through UWSSLEC, complete the UWSSLEC application form.
  4. When an application is received, it will be reviewed by the College of Education and Professional Studies advisor and the library media program coordinator.  More information on this process is available from the College.
    • The COEPS advisor will check general education requirements, one's grade on COMM 110 or the equivalent, and GPA (or test scores).
    • The library media program coordinator will check any previous library coursework for match to program competencies and courses.  Syllabi may be required.  Courses over 8 years old may not meet current course content.  This includes all coursework done for a Master's of Library Science degree.