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1902 License

The 1902 Instructional Library Media Specialist license is for those seeking to turn their 1901 license into  a renewable license. It must be completed within five (5) years of receiving the 1901 License. The second level of licensure offers a unique and much valued opportunity for beginners in the field to develop a network of professional partners, compare notes, share problems and collaborate on solutions to everything from integrating information literacy into the curriculum to developing new skills and updating themselves in critical areas. Graduate courses for the 1902 licensure may also be used toward the 18 credit emphasis area in the Information, Technology, and Libraries Emphasis, MSE-PD degree.  State of Wisconsin licensure expectations for Library Media Specialists are found on the DPI's site. 

You can obtain the 1902 renewable license through

  • a Master's of Science in Education Degree in Professional Development with an Information, Technology, and Libraries Emphasis

  • licensure only either at the graduate  level

Because coursework for the 1902 assumes as a standard of operation the high tech nature of modern school library service, and because library media specialists are intimately involved in integrating both information literacy and technology into the school curriculum, courses in the 1902 may also build competencies for working as an Instructional Technology Coordinator . The  Instructional Technology Coordinator license is no longer available in Wisconsin.  

Courses for 1902  License

Course numberCourse title (18 credits)
LIBMEDIA 756 Information, Virtual Libraries and the Internet
LIBMEDIA 751 Leadership and Administration of Library & Technology Programs
LIBMEDIA 741 (was 641)

Information Technology in Schools and Libraries

The following courses will no longer be required after May 2015:


Advanced Design and Production 

Teaching and Learning via Video and across Distances
Design of Curriculum for Inquiry

Download and print the program requirements to track your progress. 

  The University of Wisconsin System Library Education Consortium (UWSSLEC) offers courses in a hybrid format with one meeting per course, generally on a weekend. These courses should be takend through UWSSLEC.  Apply for this program through their application process.