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1901 License

The 1901 license (formerly the 902 with stipulations  / 901 Initial Library Media Specialist license) is intended for those seeking to become a school library media specialist. To be eligible for a 1901 license you must also be eligible to hold a teaching license in another area. Within five (5) years of receiving the 1901 License, it must be replaced by the 1902 Instructional Library Media Specialist License  by taking three additional graduate courses.

You can obtain the 1901 license through

  • an undergraduate minor
  • a Master of Science in Education Degree in Professional Development with an Information, Technology, and Libraries Emphasis
  • licensure only either at the graduate or undergraduate level

Courses for 1901 License

Course number

Course title (21 credits plus two practicum: one if already working as a teacher or school librarian)

Semesters offered

LIBMEDIA 350/550  Finding and Using Information Fall
LIBMEDIA 434/634 Digital Tools for Learning Fall
LIBMEDIA 451/651  Organizing Information Fall
LIBMEDIA 454/654  Library Administration Spring
LIBMEDIA 440/640  Information Literacy Spring
ELEMMID 362/562 Children's Literature Fall / Spring
LIBMEDIA 343/543 OR ENGLISH 310/510  Adolescent Literature & Related Media Fall / Spring

Supervised Practicum (6 credits)
Elementary Practicum AND 
Secondary Practicum OR


(for practicing teachers and librarians)

Supervised Combined Practicum
(3 credits:  replaces 793e and 793s with permission of practicum coordinator)

Download and print the program requirements to track your progress. 

1. This sequence can be completed in one year. It is better to start in the Fall.
2. Usually, all LIBMEDIA coursework on campus during the semester meets 5:00-7.30 pm. LIterature courses may be offered during the day.

Hybrid Distance Program: The University of Wisconsin System Library Education Consortium (UWSSLEC) operates on a different schedule to serve those beyond commuting range of the campus.