Add-on 1902 License

Many students who already holding a professional teaching license in another area or who already have a master's degree want to earn a library media license without getting another degree.

To get the 1902 licensure as a library media specialist, these students must complete a program of eight content courses and one to two practicum experiences. This may be done at the undergraduate level up to the practicum courses which are at the graduate level. This can save a substantial amount of money if the individual does not want to work on a master's degree. Once taken at the undergraduate level, a course cannot be converted to a graduate level course. The courses can also be taken at the graduate level as a non-candidate for degree if there is any chance that the student wants to eventually move into a graduate degree program. The following courses are required for licensure. The first number is the undergraduate course number and the second one the graduate number.  Download and print the add-on license program requirements to track your progress on this license.

LIBMEDIA 350:  Finding and Using Information OR LIBMEDIA 756: Virtual Libraries (fall 2017 or later version)
LIBMEDIA 434 / 634:  Digital Tools for Learning
LIBMEDIA 440:  Information Literacy OR LIBMEDIA 752: Design of Curriculum for Inquiry
LIBMEDIA 451 / 651:  Organizing Information
LIBMEDIA 454 / 654:  Library Administration
ELEMMID 362 / 562:  Children's Literature
ENGLISH 310/ 510  OR LIBMEDIA 343/543:  Young Adult Literature
LIBMEDIA 455:  Librarians as Leaders OR LIBMEDIA 751:  Leadership and Administration of Library and Technology Programs Pre-requisite:  Library Administration
GPA in library courses before practicum (must be 3.0 or higher for content courses)
If student is eligible for a Wisconsin teaching license in another area and not working in a school as a professional educator  (6 credits) 
  • Two of these three:
    • LIBMEDIA 793e: Supervised Elementary Practicum
    • LIBMEDIA 793m: Supervised Middle School Practicum
    • LIBMEDIA 793s: Supervised Secondary Practicum - high school 


If the student is eligible for a Wisconsin teaching license in another area and  working in a school as a professional educator  (3 credits) 

  • 793c: Supervised Combined Practicum if the student is employed full time as a professional educator  (3 credits)
Capstone portfolio at end of practicum

School Library Minors

For those working on a minor in school libraries along with a teaching license in another area, the general education and education coursework will be done as part of their teaching major.  They will do two practicum courses to add the 1902 license.