Frequently Asked Questions

  1. "Why would I want to earn this license?"
    This license will provide training in how to create assessments, interpret assessment data (both classroom and standardized), and use all types of assessment data to inform instruction. Individuals who complete the program will learn best practice for creating classroom assessments and using data from those assessments to inform classroom practice. Completers will also receive training with regard to Wisconsin's educator effectiveness, Response to Intervention, and the Common Core State Standards. Individuals may be able to apply coursework toward their district pay schedule or toward their license renewal application. Any / all of the courses could also be used by individuals who still need continuing education / graduate courses as part of their license renewal.

    The content of the program also relates to National Board Certification. One of the three main components of National Board Certification is "The use of assessments to inform instructional decision making" which is a major component of the program. For more information on this, see the following link:

  2. "What jobs will this license qualify me for in schools? For what jobs is this license required?"
    This license has never been offered before in the State of Wisconsin. Because of this, we know of no districts that require an applicant who already holds it for a posted position. However, as more individuals hold the license we hope districts will begin to include it as a preferred qualification for many student support positions such as instructional resource teacher, director of curriculum and instruction, director of student services, or even for department chair positions. It will also help those individuals who are in District Assessment Coordinator positions in their districts. Classroom teachers who hold this license will be more adept at using assessment in the classroom as well as at the school or program level. Because of this the license will make you more valuable in your position.

  3. "How long does it take to earn this license?"
    The three courses must be taken in order. The standard plan of study is for the program to be completed over a fall, spring, and following fall semester. In all, the program should take about 18 months.

  4. "Can I earn this license as part of a Masters degree?"
    Although not part of a stand-alone Masters' degree, the license could be earned as part of any emphasis area in the UW-Whitewater MSE-PD program. Most emphasis areas include options for electives that could include the courses as part of the standards and assessment license.

  5. "I have a number of teachers or colleagues who would like to pursue the license. Is there any way to run the courses on site in my district?"
    UW-Whitewater often runs individual courses or entire licensure programs on-site in interested school districts. This allows students to pay a lower overall cost for the courses while also allowing students to travel less. Contact any of the program faculty for more information.

  6. "How do I apply for the licensure program?"
    See the about page for more information on how to apply. We collect a number of pieces of information when you apply so that when you complete the program we are able to endorse you for licensure.

  7. "Are the courses offered online?"
    The majority of each course takes place online. Each course has a few face-to-face meetings in order to allow students to work with their assessment data in groups and with instructor support.

  8. "Can I complete the program at the undergraduate level?"
    Yes. All three courses are available at the graduate or undergraduate levels.