Urban Education

Welcome to the UW-Whitewater site for Urban Education!  Here you will learn about how urban education is defined, information about our program and how it can help you build a meaningful career!  We look forward to helping you become an advocate for and develop programming that meet the needs of all students and challenge them to achieve their potential within an urban environment.   


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The University of Wisconsin - Whitewater's Urban Education module is developed to engage and prepare students who seek to work with youth in urban and or diverse settings. Using the city as a lab, the module explores the historical, cultural, social, geographic, and economic contexts of education and the paradoxes of ensuring equal education for all. The objectives that will be met through this module include the development of knowledge, skill, and disposition to work across various differences, including race/ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, nationality, language, and ability level. 

This program is open to students across the university; students who have an interest in working with youth or in educational settings would particularly benefit from the module. 

About the Program

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UW-Whitewater's Urban Education module is developed to prepare students, in all areas of education, who seek to work in urban school settings, to become culturally competent educators. 


To complete the certificate, students must:

  • Take two Educational Foundations courses (EDFOUND 341 and EDFOUND 342)
  • Take two additional urban education-related courses of your choosing
  • Complete a 50-hour field placement in an urban school environment (in conjunction with EDFOUND 342)
  • Demonstrate engagement with core knowledge, skills, and dispositions of the module

Students who successfully complete the Module will receive a transcript designation URBAN EDUCATION MODULE   Click here for a program brochure

How to Enroll

To enroll in the Urban Education Module please complete the registration form, here.

You will be sent a welcome letter with information about advising. Please allow two weeks for processing. 

For more information contact:
Dr. Laura Porterfield
262. 472.5425