Williams Center BuildingThe Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Coaching has offices, classrooms, laboratories and activity spaces located in Williams Center, the Kachel Fieldhouse and surrounding outdoor locations. Facilities are also utilized in the Roseman Building, the Student Athletic Complex and other locations across campus.

Located on the northern edge of the campus, Williams Center and the Kachel Fieldhouse includes the following facilities:

  • 200 Meter Indoor Track with Multi-Purpose Courts for Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis
  • Golf Hitting Cage and Putting Green
  • 4 Racquetball Courts
  • Basketball Gymnasium
  • Wrestling Gymnasium
  • Gymnastics Gymnasium
  • Volleyball Arena
  • Swimming Pool and Diving Well
  • Fitness Facilities for Weight Training and Aerobic Exercise
  • Specialized Laboratory and Studio Facilities

The Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Coaching also enjoys specialized facilities in Williams Center that include the Human Performance Laboratory, Motion Analysis Laboratory, Computer Laboratory and Dance Studio. All classrooms in Williams Center are equipped with instructional technology which includes SMART Boards in selected classrooms.

Human Performance Laboratory

Human Performance LabThe Human Performance Laboratory is located in Williams Center 188 and provides teaching, research and service programs in exercise science with primary responsibility for the teaching of students in health, physical education, recreation, coaching and related areas. The facility has state-of-the-art equipment for exercise science with four fully-equipped multi-student laboratory stations which utilize computer systems on customized carts with dual monitors. Each of the four carts includes a Vacu-Med Vista VO2 Lab metabolic analysis system, Cardio-Card electrocardiography system, BIOPAC system and pulmonary function analysis system. Each of the four teaching stations includes a cycle ergometer, upper body ergometer and treadmill.

Additional equipment includes a research-grade metabolic analysis cart that uses AEI analyzers and Vacu-Med Vista software and interfaces operating on a computer system with dual monitors. The cart also includes a Cardio-Card electrocardiography system, BIOPAC system and capabilities for measuring oxyhemoglobin saturation. Other equipment includes a Velotron Dynafit Pro with VariCrank that uses 3D, SpinScan, Coaching and Wingate software. The Human Performance Laboratory also has capabilities for exercise biochemistry that include a glucose and lactate analyzer, two UV/Vis spectrophotometers, water bath, analytical balance and related equipment to analyze blood and other tissues. Capabilities for DNA analysis are available across campus in Upham Hall. A computerized hydrostatic location is available in a separate location in the Williams Center complex.

Motion Analysis Laboratory

Motion Analysis LabAs part of the Human Performance Laboratory, the Motion Analysis Laboratory facilitates instruction in anatomy and physiology, and provides students with an in depth study of the physics of human movement. A wide range of anatomical and physiological models are available. The Motion Analysis Laboratory includes a computerized motion analysis system with a force platform. The four fully-equipped multi-student teaching stations in the Human Performance Laboratory may also be used in the Motion Analysis Laboratory.

Computer Laboratory

Williams Center Computer LabThe Computer Laboratory is located in Williams Center room 187. During the academic year it is open from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Thursday and from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on Friday. The Computer Laboratory is equipped with 24 Windows computers, a handicapped-accessible work station, an Apple Mac, a scanner and a printer. All computers include standard software featuring MS Windows, MS Office, Adobe and Firefox, along with specialized laboratory software and DVD/CD-RW drives. Specialized science software includes Stellarium, Salt 2012, HU-M-AN, Fitness Gram and Google Earth. Specialized mathematics software includes Inspired Data, IBM SPSS and Geometers. Reserve the lab here.

Dance Studio

Williams Center Dance StudioThe Dance Studio is a modern movement space with an acoustic ceiling, suspended wooden flooring, large mirrors, and a contemporary sound system with remote microphones for instructors.