Stephanie's Success Story

"There have been many changes in my life since I started grad school this past summer. I was a preschool teacher since I graduated with my undergrad in 2012. I struggled first semester wondering if I would fit into higher ed. and if I was doing the right thing coming to grad school. But talking with instructors in the HELEAD program helped me realize my potential and that I would find my path soon. In December I received a full time position at the University of Phoenix-Madison as the Campus Operations Coordinator.

Just this last week I was given the chance to take part in the transfer fair at MATC Truax Campus. When MATC-Fort Atkinson reached out to UWW with a part time job posting I applied thinking why not? This past week I was hired part time at MATC-Fort Atkinson as a Student Life Services Specialist. The MATC regional campuses are trying out a pilot program to engage students and make the smaller campuses have more of a campus community feeling to them. This position could very well become a full time position depending on how this program does during its trial time. I can't believe all of this has taken place for me in such a short time. I feel that I belong in higher education now and I'm more confident in what I have to offer in this career setting. I am so glad I didn't quit when I felt lost starting my grad school higher education process.

Thank you to the UWW HELEAD program."

Stephanie Vial

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