About the Program

There are a few different ways to get started in ROTC. At UW Whitewater we have elective, leadership minor, and Scholarship Opportunities, Cadet Initial Entry Training Course, Simultaneous Membership Program and Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty. 

The ROTC program offers 2, 3, and 4 year scholarships. High School Juniors and Seniors can apply for a scholarship through the National High School Scholarship Program online at www.goarmy.com/rotc/high-school-students. Students already enrolled in college should visit the ROTC Scholarship and Enrollment Officer in McCutchan Hall. Army ROTC scholarships cover 100% of either in-state or out of state tuition plus a $1,200 per year book allowance paid directly to the student. For more informatio about ROTC scholarships, including eligibility requirements, visit the Army ROTC web site at www.goarmy.com/rotc/scholarships.

Those students who did not have the opportunity to take Army ROTC during their freshman or sophomore years may go to a summer training called Cadet Initial Entry Training Course. This course is a fully paid, four week leadership internship held at Fort Knox, Kentucky, during the summer where the emphaisis is on instilling leadership skills in future officers. This course does not obligate a student to join ROTC. Students may be eligible for scholarships upon their completion of CIET or become members of the Army National Guard or Army Reserve as a Simultaneous Membership Program Cadet. Students may also receive a bonus after CIET if they contract with ROTC upon their return. For more information on CIET visit the Leader's Training Course web site.

Students already enlisted in the Army National Guard or Army Reserve and students who are interested in enlisting are eligible for enrollment in the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP). The SMP program is also available for students who have completed the Leadership Training Course and are not on scholarship. This program allows a student to maintain their membership in the Army National Guard or the Army Reserve and participate in the ROTC program at the same time. Completion of Basic Training are eligible to complete ROTC on a compressed schedule and can enter the ROTC program as late as the first semester of their Junior year. 

The Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) is a scholarship opportunity that guarantees contracted cadets will serve in the Reserve Components in either the Army National Guard or US Army Reserves. Cadets that are currently SMP and participating in the GRFD must serve in their respective Reserve Component but may serve in either upon commissioning. For more information reguarding GRFD scholarship opportunities contact SFC Scott Cook at either cookS06@uww.edu or 262.472.5251. 


Ranger Challenge

Annually, more than 300 universities nationwide field teams to compete in a series of challenging events. Locally, cadets compete against teams within the 3rd Brigade Army ROTC comprising of teams throughout the upper midwest. The name and spirit for the competition are derived from the U.S. Army Ranger School at Fort Benning, Georgia. Training for this event includes rigorous physical fitness workouts, information classes on various elements of light infantry tactics, and a weekend Field Training Exercise where rifle marksmanship, rope bridge, land navigation, 10-kilometer road march and many more skills are tested.

Military Ball/Dining Out

The Military Ball is one of the many traditions held by the military today. This event is meant to take a break from daily stresses and relax and enjoy the company of those you work with and their guests. Soldiers wear their uniforms and follow certain rules of the mess; there is a formal meal, guest speaker and a dance to conclude the evening.

Dining In

The Dining In is much like the Military Ball except it is meant for only military personnel. This event sticks more closely to military traditions and rules. There is a formal dinner, a guest speaker and entertainment.

German Armed Forces Badge of Military Profieciency (GAFBMP)

Every year cadets that meet the standards go to the University of Bloomington, Indiana to compete in the GAFBMP. Some of the events include a 5k run, high jump, shot put, swimming, road march, pistol shoot and more. All these events are timed or have a standard to qualify. This event is not against anyone but you, it is physically demanding but also very rewarding. This event is completely optional to the cadets.The badge that may be earned by meeting all requirements is awarded to all German Soldiers. Allied soldiers may also be awarded and wear the badge.In the United States military the German Armed Forces Badge of Military Proficiency is one of the few approved foreign awards, and is one of the most sought after awards to achieve. 

Field Training Exercise (FTX)

One weekend in the fall and one weekend in the spring, the cadets will go to Ft McCoy, WI to do field training in order to prepare them for their next years in ROTC and eventually as an Officer. These training weekends consist of many things such as a confidence course, land navigation, field leader's reaction course and much more. Cadets not only learn lifelong skills throughout the weekend, but they also form bonds and friendships.

Color Guard

The Warhawk Battalion Color Guard presents the National Colors (US Flag) as well as the Wisconsin state flag and Organizational Colors (Army flag) for recognition at numerous events on campus as well as the surrounding community. The events supported include UW Whitewater intercollegiate sports, Veterans Day and Memorial Day ceremonies as well as requests from community organizations.The National Colors are always presented on the right of the formation with the Organizational Colors (Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine Corps flag) in the center and the state flag to the left of the Organizational Colors. The order of presentation is outlined in the US National Flag Code first adopted into law by Congress in 1942. To the left and right of the Colors are guards carrying ceremonial rifles to represent the National will to defend the Colors. The presentation of the colors represents the dedication to the defense of the Nation that all Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines acknowledge during the Oath of Office sworn to when they enter the Armed Forces. 

Basic Military Rappelling

The UW-Whitewater ROTC program offers a course in Basic Military Rappelling that counts towards an elective in the leadership minor or towards a PEGENRL requirement. The course is offered during the first eight weeks of the fall semester and the second eight weeks of the spring semester.  For more specific information, please check out the video below!