Undergraduate Programs

Leadership and Military Science Minor

This interdisciplinary minor is for students desiring instruction, practical experience and credentials in leadership. The courses studied provide students with the specialized leadership knowledge and training required to be a successful supervisor, manager or administrator and is universally applicable across a broad spectrum of professions. The two available options provide additional specialization for students with interests in either a civilian or military career. The completion of this program provides college students with a valuable minor and valuable credentials which are in high demand by future employers. Students enrolled in a business related major should definitely consider this complementary minor as a valuable credential for entry into their chosen career field.

Academic Eligibility

No specific academic eligibility requirements exist for students who pursue a leadership minor. Students seeking an Army commission must have a minimum of two years remaining in their academic program - undergraduate or graduate.

U.S. Army Commission

The academic pursuit of a commission as an officer in the United States Army is accomplished simultaneously as students meet the prerequisites for a degree in the discipline of their choice either undergraduate or graduate. The Army ROTC offers a progressive leadership education program that combines challenging academic study and practical training experiences in the theories, concepts and principles of leadership. Additional emphasis is also placed on organizational dynamics, resource management and ethical decision making. The completion of this departmental program prepares the college student to receive a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard.

Commission Course Requirements

National Guard/Army Reserve Program

Qualified enlisted personnel currently serving in the US Army National Guard or US Army Reserve are eligible to participate in the ROTC Officer Training program through the Simultaneous Membership Program while enrolled in the University as full-time students. Students serve in their assigned Army unit as an Officer Trainee and gain practical leadership experience leading Soldiers in a real world environment. Students may also take advantage of the financial and education benefits offered by the Army National Guard and Army Reserve. For details on any ROTC program and eligibility requirements contact a representative located in McCutchan Hall on the UW Whitewater campus.