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Special Education

General FAQs

FAQs Specific to Admission to SPECED Graduate Programs


What is Special Education?

A special education degree prepares teachers to work with children with disabilities. Teaching special education is a professionally challenging and rewarding experience.

What are the tests or special requirements for special education?

There are a number of requirements at different levels:

  • Meet the Praxis I / CORE / ACT / GRE requirements
  • Admission to professional education
  • GPA must be 2.75 or higher
  • Pass the Praxis II test in order to sign up for student teaching.  This test and the CORE test is available at www.ets.org. (For licensure, DPI requires test 0146 or 5146)
  • Pass the Wisconsin Foundation in Reading Test (WIFOR)

When do I apply to College of Education and Professional Studies?

Apply to professional education during the semester you are taking your pre-block classes.  

What classes do I need to take?

There are two emphases you can major in. Please see: Major and Minor Programs (Undergraduates). This link will take you to a description of the majors and minors. There is a link on that page which shows the four year plan for the majors and minors.

Can I take both CD and EBD/LD emphasis?

While you can take the courses associated with both emphasis, the cross categorical license allows you to teach in all three areas. If you go with a CD emphasis you can teach in EBD/LD areas and vice versa.

If my major is outside the College of Education and Professional Studies, can I still minor in special education?

Yes, please see Non-Licensure Minor and Students outside COEPS

What is professional education and how do I apply?
See this page for further information on professional education: Admission to Professional Education

What sciences satisfy university and PI-34 requirements?

The university requires a lab science and a second science from a different  discipline. PI-34 specifically requires a biological science and a physical science.  One of which must be a lab science.

I have an associate's degree and want to get my Bachelor of Science, where do I start? What classes will transfer?

The admissions office can answer all of these questions.  Here is a link to their web site: http://www.uww.edu/admissions

What technological resources are available?

College of Education and Professional Studies has a lab for student use. You can find more information at Wisconsin Instructional Technology Resource Center.

With a special education degree, do I qualify for Loan Forgiveness Incentives?

For the most up-to-date answer to this question go to:  http://studentaid.ed.gov/PORTALSWebApp/students/english/teachercancel.jsp

Placement after Graduation

There is a national shortage of special education teachers. Upon graduation, there are many options for employment, including teaching residential and adult services. 


Where is the website for tuition information?

The website for tuition information is https://uwwcost.uww.edu/

Where is the website for financial aid?

The website for financial aid is http://www.uww.edu/financialaid/


Can I apply online?

Yes. Go to https://apply.wisconsin.edu/

What is an official transcript?

A transcript with an official university seal that is in a sealed envelope from the university.

Where do I send my official transcripts?

To the School of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education 2013 Roseman Hall.

Can I have my undergraduate university/college fax you my official transcript?

No. Graduate School policy dictates that only transcripts with a university seal, delivered in a sealed envelope from the university, can be considered an "official" transcript.

I graduated from UW-Whitewater. Do I have to order an official transcript?

No. The School of Graduate Studies will order transcripts from the Registrar's Office for you.

What GPA do I need to be admitted in "good standing"?

At least, a 2.75 cumulative undergraduate grade point average; at least, a 2.90 cumulative undergraduate grade point average in the last half of the undergraduate degree program; a master's degree or higher from an institution regionally accredited at the graduate-level; or to have completed, at least, 12 graduate-level credits at UW-Whitewater with a cumulative graduate grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

As an international student, are there special steps or requirements for me to be admitted to a graduate program?


How much field experience do you have in your program?

There are three field experience prior to the student teaching semester. For a description, please visit: Fieldwork.

Can you finish the special education program in 4 years?

Yes indeed! See our plan on Major and Minor Programs (Undergraduates).