Add on License for Early Childhood Special Education (809) Licensure

Teachers who already hold a license and want to add Early Childhood Special Education (809), can contact the Special Education Department by emailing or calling 262 472-1106. Once admitted to the university, an Early Childhood Education advisor can provide further information regarding the add-on teaching license in Early Childhood Special Education (WI # 809). A student can choose to pursue courses at the graduate level or undergraduate level.

809 Licensure Courses

Required ECRE (Early Childhood Regular Education Classes) Most courses are available online with ECE4U

Select 3-6 additional methods course credits (as discussed with advisor, below are two online options)

Core Courses, Practicums and Tests

Phase IV and Directed Teaching - complete Phase 4 Portfolio in seminar or Assigned ARtifacts independently (if already licensed in ECE).

*or equivalent

Students with a baccalaureate degree outside of Education seeking initial licensure in Early Childhood Education (dual licensure) need to apply for the dual licensure Early Childhood Education program. For more information see: Admission for the Early Childhood Education major (face to face on campus cohort) is in the fall and for the ECE4U program in the spring.