Minutes May 8, 2014

COEPS Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Meeting

May 8, 2014




1. Roll:  Present:  Katy Heyning, Chair; Penny Portman; Jillian Smith; Scott Bradley; John Zbikowski; Jennifer Petersen.  Absent:  Brooke Winchell, Todd Loushine, Major Carl Meredith and Tracy Arneson-Baker.  Guest:  Wallace Sherlock 

2. Approval of Agenda

On a Portman/Bradley motion, the agenda was approved as written.

3. Approval of the minutes of March 13, 2014

                On a Petersen/Bradley motion, the minutes of March 13 were approved.

4. Curricular/Action Items:


Form #4A Change in Existing Course, CIGENRL/ESL403, ESL Methods and Curriculum Development

Form #2 Change in Minor BA/BS, Teaching English as a Second Language for Adults

Form #2 Change in Minor BSE, Minor in Teaching English as a Second Language/Bilingual Bicultural, Teaching English as a Second Language

Form #3, New Course, CIFLD406, Field Study ESL/Bilingual Education for Elementary/Middle School

Form #3, New Course, CIFLD408, Field Study in Secondary ESL/Bilingual Education 

On a Zbikowski/Bradley motion the above five proposals were approved.  The motion

was then amended to remove Form #2 Change in Minor BA/BS from the five and only approve

 the other four.  The BSE Change in Minor was approved.  CIGENRL/ESL403, CIFLD406 and

 CIFLD408 were accepted with minor editorial changes. 


                                Form #3 New Course, EDFOUND487/687, Curriculum Evaluation and Improvement II

                On a Bradley/Portman motion the above proposal was accepted with minor editorial changes.

                LIBRARY MEDIA

                                Form #4R Course Deletion, LIBMEDIA351/551, Building Library Media Collections

                On a Zbikowski/Petersen motion, the above proposal was approved.

5.  Information Items:  None

6. New Business:  None

7. Old Business:  None

Katy expressed the appreciation of Scott Bradley’s 16 years of service on the COEPS Curriculum Committee and wished him well in his retirement.

On a Bradley/Petersen motion, the meeting adjourned at 8:45 a.m.